Jean Amic, the man behind Poison and Opium, dies aged 87

Jean Amic; former CEO of Givaudan and co-creator of classic such as Rive Gauche, Loulou, Opium and Poison; passed away on April, 26th in Grasse, France at the age of 87.

Born in Paris in 1935, Amic was the son of Louis Amic, who is credited with being one of the first to develop perfumes for fashion designers and played a significant role in establishing the Fine Fragrances industry as we know it today.

After completing his studies in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, Amic joined the family business, Roure, in 1962. He served as the head of the company’s management in New York and later became the company’s head.

Under his leadership, Roure became a major player in the fragrance industry and was later merged with Givaudan in 1991.

Following the merger, Amic was appointed CEO of the new entity, Givaudan-Roure, until 2000 when Givaudan became a public company. He continued to serve on the board of directors until 2002.

“Jean and I have collaborated for many years. He guided me and initiated me in the fundamentals of this magic industry. I had kept a very close relationship with him until today, and he continued to inspire me, always more interested at looking at the future than the past.,” said Gilles Andrier, CEO of Givaudan said in a statement, last week.

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