Vagabond Prince launch Land of Warriors and Swan Princess

Zoran Knezevic and Elena Knezhevich (pictured above), owners of the Fragrance website Fragrantica have launched two new fragrances in their line, ‘Vagabond Prince’ at the Esxence perfume fair in Milan.Following on from their highly successful release ‘Enchanted Forest‘, the couple asked perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour to create two new fragrances.Once again the beautiful artwork and packaging has been designed by Elena, taking inspiration from the style typical of Northern Russia, known as Mezenskaya.

Notes Listed in Land of Warriors are:

  • Top:Oregano, angelica seed, rhubarb, green pomegranate effects, bergamot and mandarin.
  • Heart: Juniper, Iris Concrete, leather, agrest effects, fern forest freshly cut leaf effect, hawthorn.
  • Base: Cracked styrax, cypriol, pathcouli, tobacco, oakmoss, mahogany, castoreum, cistus absolute, ambergris, musk.

Speaking of the imagery on the bottle, Zoran said “There are many horses, so it’s all about the freedom, horses represent freedom and freedom is very important. People are supressing this. If you forget we are warriors we are slaves. This is an uplifting perfume.” The solar symbols are said to represent the male in this mythology, he said.

Swan Princess is inspired by ballet and the music of Russian composers. The design for this is in another style of Russian folk art known as Permogorka and was again designed by Elena. Notes listed are:

  • Top: Carrot seed, cedrat, bergamot, cyclamen, violet leaf absolute
  • Heart: White freesia, peony, geranium, iris concrete, violet flower, lily of the valley, osmanthus absolute, Moroccan rose absolute, mimosa.
  • Base: Moss, musk, heliotrope, cedarwood.

“It’s about the white and the light feathers that help you to fly, but it has to have a dark side too, it’s all about that middle – transforming from a human into a swan and then into a human again,” said Zoran.

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