New X Collection and Home Fragrance Collection from Nishane

Istanbul-based fragrance house, Nishane, have been busy this month with the release of two new collections: the Nishane X Collection and a brand new Home Fragrance Collection.

The Nishane X Collection celebrates the brand’s 10th anniversary with an intense twist on its beloved bestsellers. HacivatFan your FlamesAniWulong Cha and Hundred Silent Ways have been innovatively reimagined, embodying both the rich heritage and visionary future of this groundbreaking fragrance house.

Hacivat X has top notes of bergamot, pineapple and pepper, with lime and orange flower added to the jasmine in the heart, whilst the base comprises patchouli, cedarwood and vetiver.

The booziness of the original is repeated in Fan Your Flames X with top notes of coconut and rum, this time with the addition of lentisque. The heart adds thyme oil and carrot to the tobacco and tonka bean; the base combines patchouli with cedarwood and oakmoss.

Ani X, like its predecessor, is packed with notes. The top includes bergamot, lemon, honeydew melon and watery notes, with cardamom, blue ginger and pink pepper. The heart is a soothing mix of lavender, sage, green apple, blackcurrant, rose and patchouli, whilst the woody base contains cedarwood and sandalwood, cashmere wood, vanilla, ambergris and white musk.

Zesty notes of bergamot, yuzu, mandarin and litsea kick off Wūlóng Chá X, which still has still has the fig and musk base, but with the addition of magnolia in the heart, along with thyme oil and green tea.

Hundred Silent Ways X is notable for the addition of leather in the base, along with vanilla and patchouli. The top and middle notes are a mix of florals: tuberose, gardenia, orris, jasmine and heliotrope, with the fruitiness of mandarin and peach.

The collection comes in 50ml and 100ml sizes, priced respectively at £190 and £280, available exclusively atSelfridges and online.

Niche perfume house Nishane proudly presents a brand new Home Fragrance Collection to delight perfume lovers around the world. Featuring candles, reed diffusers and room sprays, this beautiful collection is based on the same quality of niche perfumery that has made Nishane fragrances among the most celebrated in the world.  

Eight new scents, inspired by the geography and culture of eight different destinations, The Home Collection is available in the following fragrances: Mexican Woods, Turkish Rose, Greek Fig, Indian Oud, Chinese Ginger and Cinnamon, British Black Pepper, Tunisian Fleur d’Oranger and Japanese White Tea and Jasmine. 

The candle is priced at £85, the reed diffuser at £95 and the room spray £55. The Nishane Home Collection is available both here and at Harvey Nichols.

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I was able to test Ani X while in Europe recently. I was surprised at how much it smelled like an Aventus clone and unlike the original Ani.

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Have yet to be impressed by anything this house releases. maybe this will be different.

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