L’Artisan pays tribute to the peach with new fragrance, A Fleur de Pêche

L’Artisan Parfumeur‘s upcoming fragrance pays tribute to the peach – which they say has been forgotten by modern perfumery.

The company say, “A Fleur de Pêche allows us to experience a fruit forgotten by modern perfumery and crafted in a way never before seen. With this fragrance, L’Artisan Parfumeur pays a vibrant and unexpected tribute to the peach’s uniqueness through a brilliant olfactory illusion. Since peach is not an ingredient from which essential oil can be extracted, this new Eau de Parfum from La Collection is a perfumer’s challenge taken up with virtuosity by Master Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu

Maisondieu takes his inspiration from all parts of the fruit, from its fuzzy skin to its melting texture. The top note is composed of the juicy flesh of the fruit, its yellow and acidulous tones blending with bergamot and sensual rosewood. The heart note is sweet, floral and fruity with a salty touch of calone. Finally, the base note is reminiscent of both the soft skin of the peach and the woody facet of the stone with patchouli and tonka bean.

L’Artisan add “According to Maisondieu, certain raw materials such as lactones or green notes are very closely related to peach. As the master perfumer’s challenge was to evoke the true essence of the fruit, he turned to a peach aroma and accentuated its juicy, yellow and zesty facets in the top notes with bergamot and pink pepper. The fruity heart then pulsates with rose and jasmine flowers, to which calone adds a touch of salty freshness. Then the velvety peach skin becomes desirable through the attraction of patchouli. The tonka bean with accents of bitter almond at the bottom reminds us of the peach pit that remains in our mouths when we have bitten the whole fruit, in an exquisite sensation.”

The fragrance launches exclusive to Selfridges on May 1st, and globally on 15th May. A Fleur de Pêche will be available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.

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