Gualtieri: “Nasomatto is dead! Orto Parisi is born!”

This Saturday at Esxence, Alessandro Gualtieri of Nasomatto will present “The Nose: Searching for Blamage”, a film by Paul Riger which documents the last fragrance for the Nasomatto brand – Blamage (the French word for disgrace). Gualtieri was also showing his new line, Orto Parisi, and new products for the Maria Lux brand, which was founded by Gualtieri’s wife, Lilian Driessen.

Maria Lux

Two more perfumes have been added to Maria Lux. These touch on the theme of death and are called ‘ Aramesh’ and ‘Mogadess’. “First we looked at love and all the states that a woman can be in love: ‘Truly’, ‘Madly’, ‘Deeply’. This is inspired by death. In Aramesh we look at the body going up from the earth to the cosmos. In Mogadess we go the other way, it’s about the physical body decomposed and returning to the earth” said a spokesperson.


Blamage is the final fragrance for the Nasomatto line. After this the perfumer intends to add no more fragrances to this line. The new bottle, was shown to Basenotes today, but the juice will not be unveiled until Saturday. Gautieri is famous for never discussing what notes a fragrance is composed off. You can see a trailer for “The Nose : Searching for Blamage” below:

Alessandro Gualtieri is a wayward perfumer, who calls himself ‘The Nose’. He wants to design his new perfume Blamage by abandoning all the common rules for designing perfumes. For inspiration he travels around the world, but the farther he goes, the more he seems to disrupt not only his environment but also himself. Will Blamage become a real blamage?

More information about the film can be seen here.

Orto Parisi

With the completion of the Nasomatto line, the perfumer has today revealed his new line Orto Parisi. Gualtieri told Basenotes “Nasomatto is dead! Orto Parisi is born!” The publicity for the line features a boar’s hairy backside (above left).The five new perfumes called Bergamask, Viride, Brutus, Stercus and Boccanera were presented on a compressed bed of horse manure.His spokesperson said “In the body the parts that smell more, that is where the soul is more present, but now our society says this smell must not be present because the soul must not be present.” This sentiment was echoed by Gaultieri, who chimed in with “I’m sick of all this hygiene shit”The name of the perfume house is inspired by ‘orto’ which means garden – it seems that Gaultieri has been growing and experimenting with plants in the run up to creating the line, and also his grandfather ‘Vincenzo Parisi’. “We don’t talk about the notes but in all of them there are two main animal notes. This is not to cover our smells but to put another layer on.”

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