Clive Christian celebrates with Fortnum and Mason and hints at new perfume

Last week an exclusive group of VIP clients were invited to the St James Restaurant at Fortnum & Mason to attend a special event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Clive Christian No.1 Perfume. Clive Christian also hinted that a new perfume may be joining the collection.Clive Christian’s daughter Victoria Christian introduced the events and gave the audience a presentation of the three feminine fragrances in the collection, 1872, X and No.1. The attendees were then treated to a preview presentation of the new Clive Christian Perfume Boutique Collection of leather handbags and silk scarves which are inspired by the perfumes themselves. The No1 collection was showcased to the tune of the winning piece of piano music from The Sound Of Perfume, a FiFi award winning event from earlier this year.There was then a rare personal appearance from Clive Christian himself as he took to the stage with Beverley Aspinall of Fortnum & Mason to be interviewed on the partnership between the designer and retailer, the philosophy of British luxury design and what it takes to be timeless.When asked by Janine Roxborough-Bunce of The Fragrance Foundation UK, โ€œ Will we have to wait another 10 years for a new perfume from Clive Christian or are there any plans to launch another perfume?โ€, Clive delighted the audience by hinting that 2010 could be time for a new perfume to join the collection.Images: Top – No. 1 perfume with silk scarf, Middle – Clive Christian with Beverly Aspinall, Bottom – Basenotes editor, Grant Osborne pictured with Clive and Victoria Christian.

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