New fragrances from D.S & Durga, Plumes and Steamed Rainbows

New York-based perfume house D.S. & Durga have launched two new fragrances: Plumes – exclusive to Australian store, Mecca; and Steamed Rainbow โ€“ a perfumes that uses every colour of the rainbow in ingredient form.


Plumes is exclusive to Australian store, Mecca, and was born from perfumer David Moltz’s study of frangipani flowers, and the packaging, created by Kavi Moltz, was designed to be “bright and happy!”

David Moltz says, “Though tropical countries are all very different & diverse, some special things unite them. There is a laidback joy behind living in tropic climes. There are many of the same plants that love hot humid weather. Whenever I am lucky enough to come across a frangipani tree in the wild, I know Iโ€™m in for a good time. Iโ€™ve sampled them all over, but in Turk & Caicos I found a giant tree with pink blossoms. I was bowled over how narcotic the flowers were & immediately made some aromatic copies of it. I like to think of these trees as portals that link the Caribbean to Australia, India, and anywhere else you can find these beauties beaming brightly.”

Notes for the fragrance include Tropical water, laurel leaf, coconut, frangipani, tuberose, jasmine vines, javanese vetyver, musk and amyris.

Steamed Rainbow

Steamed Rainbow features notes that capture the colours of a rainbow: red mandarin, orange, yellow elemi resin, green cedar, blue almond flower indigo grass and violet. There’s also vetiver in there too.

David Moltz says, “I’ve wanted to make something that smelled like a rainbow for a long time (especially inspired by Terry Riley’s A Rainbow In Curved Air). The concept is to use materials of every color in the rainbow in a certain proportion that is softened in the humid air of their abode. Now you can wear rainbows. Wait ’til you sniff how delicate they are.”

Both are available now. Plumes is available at Mecca Australia, and Steamed Rainbow is available at D.S & Durga’s website and their retailers.

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