Neom launch Hibernate candle

Natural fragrance company, Neom Organics, has launched a new limited-edition candle for Autumn, appropriately named Hibernate, as part of its ‘Scent To De-Stress’ range.

Soft, nurturing and deeply reassuring, Hibernate is the pillowy welcome embrace for your precious space when you need some sensorial comfort. It’s reminiscent of your home giving you a warm hug.

Based on a popular discontinued scent, Serenity, Hibernate is constructed around five key essential oils: vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood, sweet orange and sandalwood amyris.

Our natural vanilla extract has the most cocooning effect within a candle, radiating with creamy warmth and cloud-puff bliss. That maternal and nostalgic vanilla syrup swirl has a proven relaxation effect, and we’ve balanced it with earthy patchouli, sweet orange and suede-like cedarwood so that, as it burns, you feel like you’re sitting in your local patisserie café without a worry in the world.

Neom candles are all made from 100% natural fragrance and wax, and sold in 100% recyclable packaging. Hibernate is available in two sizes: a three-wick candle (£50) or a smaller travel-size version (£19).

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