Michael Storer’s Winter Star fragrance returns

Michael Storer has reintroduced its popular Winter Star fragrance for the holiday season. The fragrance which was introduced last year gained a cult following after Basenotes members were invited to test the fragrance last year.According to perfumer, Storer:

Winter Star was a new creation just before the holidays last year. This warm and powdery fragrance is built around the theme of Karanal, which is woody, caramel-like and very rich. It’s augmented with balsams Peru, Benzoin Siam, Tolu and Labdanum.Spicy notes of Carnation and Lavender absolute help complete the spirit of this silky-smooth eau de parfum. Bergamot oil and Oakmoss absolute provide a chypre-family base. Winter Star contains several of the finest musks available to perfumers today. One of which is the very costly civettone. Another is an unusual new topnote musk called Helvetoilde. This EDP is so delicious that I would classify it as a gourmand.

Fans of the fragrance feared that the fragrance may never see the light of day again after Storer revealed that he had lost the original formula. Luckily, it was retrieved from an old computer with the help of a computer expert.Michael Storer’s Winter Star is available now from the website http://www.michaelstorer.com  

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