Michael Edwards launches new edition of perfume reference book, Fragrances of the World

The latest reference book by Fragrances of the World founder Michael Edwards is now available. The new edition lists almost 5000 launches from 2020 + 2021. Often referred to as ‘the fragrance bible,’ the Fragrances of the World reference book remains the most comprehensive and accurate record of fragrance history in existence and an essential training guide for Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel and classification system.

The book’s format follows previous editions with fragrances listed according to their classification in one of the 14 fragrance families. Within each family, fragrances are ordered by note and subnote. The book also has a fragrance index and a brand index.

“Perfume fascinates people, but it can also frustrate them because brands and perfumers each describe their fragrances differently. The reality is that if you ask people for the names of their three or four favourite fragrances, almost invariably, you are going to find that at least two of those fragrances belong to the same fragrance family.”

The reference book is an invaluable guide that recommends fragrances based on the fragrance families. A unique feature of this edition is a pictorial genealogy with noteworthy and iconic fragrances of each family.

This edition is the first in a new series of Fragrances of the World reference books. As the number of new launches continues to grow exponentially, it has become impossible to list a complete history of fragrances in one book. To give some indication of size, the Fragrances of the World database holds information on over 44,000 fragrances. Going forward, each reference book will list the fragrances launched during the two previous years. Collectors will be able to build a complete library of reference books; a systematic record of fragrance launches over time

You can order the new edition here

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