Bulgari releases its first book on perfume

Bulgari have launched a book, The Perfume of Gems, which features interviews and stories behind the brands fragrance history.

The company say:

Like a Bvlgari fragrance, The Perfume of Gems is multi-faceted, the culmination of many creative forces and visions. Editor Simone Marchetti brings a fresh point of view to the text, inviting the reader to embark on a rite of initiation requiring you to trust your emotions and intuition above and beyond knowledge, skills and traditions.” The anthropologist and philosopher Annick Le Guérer draws on her expertise to weave a fascinating tapestry of cultural references linking natural gems, precious stones and mankind. Images captured by photographer Michael Pudelka underline the outsized role that colour plays in Bvlgari creations. Other contributors are more unexpected: composer and experimental musician Brian Eno is an expert in the mysteries of fragrance, while the Roman author Chiara Gamberale speaks to the human drive at the heart of any pursuit. The biologist Renato Bruni sheds light on the incredible complexity of nature, and the illustrator Luigi Serafini uses his poignant drawings to remind us that we are only ever limited by our imaginations.

Lastly, we hear from the master perfumers who created Le Gemme collection. Daniela Andrier, Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier are, in many ways, the true protagonists of this odyssey, who use their art to express the intensity of that perfect moment in which nature, inspiration and skill become beauty.

The book is available now from Rizzoli book stores. In the US the book is entitled Perfume According to Bulgari.

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