L’Oréal launch new Prada Candy advertising campaign with Virtual Model

L’Oreal, have announced a new advertising campaign for Prada’s Candy, with the aim of attracting younger consumers. The fragrance was originally launched in 2011 in partnership with Puig, and perfumer Daniela Andrier. L’Oreal took over the license in January.

Previously the face for the fragrance was Léa Sedoux, but now L’Oreal are going for something different. A model that has been created virtually. Obviously, the model has been named, “Candy.”

Yann Andreas, international general manager of Prada Beauty at L’Oréal, told WWD, “When first launched in 2011, Prada Candy achieved top fragrance ranking status worldwide and has remained quite solid ever since, especially in the U.S., even without extensive support and proactive activation over the most recent years. This was a proof of the fragrance’s genuine relevance in general and its potential to appeal to Gen Z. It has been one of our very first priorities to reactivate Candy when we started managing the Prada Beauty license, and it has paid off so far.”

L’Oreal worked with photographer Valentin Herfray for the print campaign, and Nicolas Winding Refn for the video campaign.

The company say:

In a world first, Prada introduces Candy, a virtual muse as the face of a fragrance. Born from a glitch, Candy is ethereal, driven by a continuous quest to question, connect and evolve. Inspired by the native world of TikTok, a series of shorts directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and captured by photographer Valentin Herfray see a physical fragrance, Prada Candy, encounter a virtual muse, Candy. As her own reality glitches, she begins to perceive another, expanding her existence through the power of technology. Free of constraints, her curiosity grows, new creative perspectives are opened and with them, an invitation to Rethink Reality.

You can see the video ad below:


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