Jean Paul Gaultier to bring back discontinued fave, Gaultier²

As the result of a poll of Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance-Fans, the company has decided to bring back fan-favourite, Gaultier². They say “Bringing back a perfume that you thought you had been forgotten is daring. What’s even better is that you have chosen the one who will make his comeback next season. A resolutely Gaultier bottle and a fragrance you’ve been waiting for: to discover or rediscover to the power of 2.”

Last February, fans were asked to vote on which of “two missing but never forgotten icons” should be returned. The choice being between Gaultier² or Ma Dame. Gaultier² won 60% of the vote.

The fragrance was originally launched back in 2005 and was composed by master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian.

Gaultier² will be relaunched in October 2022

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