Yankee Candle Company create Sound of Music inspired candles

The Yankee Candle Company have announced the launch of its latest Collection ย– My Favorite Things. The collection, inspired by the Rodgers & Hammerstein song from The Sound of Music, features three new fragrances ย– “Brown Paper Packages”, “Whiskers on Kittens” and “Schnitzel with Noodles”. Returning from last year’s collection are “Bright Copper Kettles”, “Crisp Apple Strudel”, and “Warm Woolen Mittens”.The Limited Edition Collection is available in a large jar or special Samplers votive storybook gift set Yankee Candle stockists from November through December, while supplies last.”We are thrilled to bring the memories of the Rodgers & Hammerstein song ‘My Favorite Things’ to life through fragrance,” said Hope Margala Klein, executive vice president brand, innovation and merchandising, for The Yankee Candle Company. “The collection brings you back to nostalgic childhood moments through Whiskers on Kittens and capturing Brown Paper Packages and Schnitzel with Noodles in a scented candle is imagination and creativity at its best!”Here’s how they describe the fragrances:NEW FRAGRANCES:

  • Brown Paper Packages ย– “a powdery fresh scent with a hint of spiciness.”
  • Whiskers on Kittens ย– “A sweet scent with gentle nuzzle of sandalwood and vanilla musk.”
  • Schnitzel with Noodles ย–”the aroma of rich, creamy noodles seasoned with herbs and cracked black peppercorns.”


  • Bright Copper Kettles – “cinnamon bark, clove buds, allspice and nutmeg.”
  • Crisp Apple Strudel – “An Austrian favorite … golden and sugared on the outside, tart apples and brown sugar on the inside.”
  • Warm Woolen Mittens ย– “Just cleaned and warmed by the stove … a cozy scent with notes of lemon, apple, lily and musk.”

The “storybook” set features two small votive candles of each scent, and retails for $19.99. The large candles are $27.99.Take it away, Von Trapps….

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