Acqua di Parma rerelease Notte di Stelle home fragrance for Holiday 2021, in Emilio Pucci colab

Acqua di Parma are rereleasing their Notte di Stelle home fragrance, in a collaboration with Emilio Pucci. Notte di Stelle is available as 500g candle and 500ml diffuser, as part of the Emilio Pucci x Acqua di Parma range, which is in support of the Save the Children “Rewrite the Future” project.

“In a historic period of great difficulty, young people find themselves in an unprecedented situation in terms of schooling and education. By sustaining the Rewrite the Future campaign by Save the Children, we aim to offer constructive support for the most deprived children and young people by working to guarantee their right to quality education. Careful attention to training is part of the company’s DNA. We’ve always dedicated the greatest of care to the transfer of traditional craft know-how to future generations. We’re therefore aware of the fundamental role played by education in protecting everything we love about our country. Holiday Season, which we’ve proudly created along with Emilio Pucci, is a symbol of our commitment, a gift to the new and future generations and a message of positivity and confidence”, says Laura Burdese, Chairman and CEO of Acqua di Parma.

“We have been enthusiastic about the Holiday Season project from the outset. It’s a hugely emotional experience to embark on this journey of solidarity with Acqua di Parma to promote positivity and confidence all over the world by sustaining the Save the Children Rewrite the Future initiative. The Vortici print, which we’ve reinterpreted exclusively for this collaboration, perfectly represents the joyous spirit of our company and the love for beauty which we share profoundly with Acqua di Parma”, says Maison Emilio Pucci.

Notte di Stelle, the iconic fragrance from the Acqua di Parma Home Collection, is back. A festive night illuminated by the colours of Vortici which cover the packaging and the glass of the candle and diffuser. An atmospheric gift to accompany the joy of sharing an intimate and special time of the year. The balsamic notes of pine oil and the fragrances of birch wood and Guajac combine with spicy clove and pungent raspberry. The candle comes in the 200g format and the even more dramatic looking 500g version with three wicks. 180ml and 500ml formats for the diffuser. The special glass decorations transform the diffusers and candles into home furnishing objects, to be reused and given a second lease of life as desired.

As well as the home fragrances, the company are also producing a range of their product with the Pucci print, including gift sets for Arancia di Capri, Mirto di Panarea, Fico di Amalfi, Rosa Nobile, Magnolia Nobile, Colonia Essenza, Colonia Futura and Colonia.

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