Aftelier’s latest scent, Hey Jude, is inspired by rose, Jude the Obscure

Mandy Aftel’s latest creation, Hey Jude, was inspired by an English shrub rose named Jude the Obscure, which hails from the gardens of the world-famous Shropshire-based rose growers, David Austin Roses.

Aftel explains: ‘Of the more than one hundred roses that I grow in my garden, the one with the most intoxicating scent is the David Austin rose Jude the Obscure. With its quietly elegant blossoms the color of clotted cream and its endlessly unfolding cup-shaped petals, Jude exhales a peachy rose fragrance with an under-current of sheer clean musk.’

Jude the Obscure

Aftel describes Hey Jude as ‘an exquisite fruity rose perfume’, adding: ‘The foundation of the luscious peachy fragrance of both Jude the rose and Jude my perfume are musky aromas.’

The new fragrance features a vintage musk tincture which was created by her late friend, Ross Urerre, whom Aftel remembers as ‘a talented incense maker who loved visiting my roses’. She had previously read in antique perfume books about scents which combined musk, civet and ambergris, and notes: ‘I was amazed at the elegant, synergistic way that all three together made the rose shimmer.’

Hey Jude’s notes include Turkish rose absolute, apricot, peach, yellow mandarin, Ross’s vintage musk, antique civet absolute and a ten-year-old ambergris tincture. Hey Jude is available in a variety of sizes: a 2ml mini perfume, a 1/4oz perfume, a 1oz EDP spray, and a 6ml silver flask. It is also available as a 6ml pomander, and samples, from the Aftelier Perfumes website.

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I remember seeing her post on my instagram. Interestingly I don't get alot of peach from the Jude the Obscure in my garden. It's very tart and spicy. Quite curious to see what she comes up with.

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This sounds like something I would be interested in trying.

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Darn! I was thinking of the novel by Thomas Hardy until I clicked on the article.

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