Nathalie Lorson

Nathalie Lorson

About Nathalie Lorson

Nathalie Lorson was born in Grasse and learned her craft at the Roure Perfumery School, where her father was a chemist. After leaving the school in 1987, she joined International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF), where she worked on over a dozen fragrances across a wide range of brands. Nathalie has been with Firmenich since 2000.

In 2015, Nathalie was named “Perfumer of the Year” in both France and Italy. In France she was awarded an “Oscar” by trade publication “Cosmétique Mag” for her thirty-five year career during which she created numerous fragrances for commercial, designer and niche fragrance houses - Giorgio Armani, Kate Moss, Jil Sander, Olfactive Studio and Yves Saint Laurent, just to name a few. 

In Italy, she was honoured for her work on YSL’s Black Opium, one of the most successful fragrance launches of 2014. 

Describing her style, Nathalie said, “Everything’s rounded, gentle. Everything’s done with delicacy. There’s no vulgarity, ever.” but she objects to being called a “nose”. “It’s so reductive to call someone ‘a nose’. I am not a nose. I am a brain.”

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