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Andy Tauer is an independent perfumer based in Zurich. As the son of pharmacist, he was given a chemistry set at an early age, and eventually went on to earn a phD in chemistry. Perfume-making started as a hobby for him while working as an IT manager, and he continued working part-time for several years after the release of his first fragrances. 

Andy’s first fragrance, a heady oriental called Le Maroc pour Elle was released in 2005. Later that year he released his second fragrance L’Air du Desert Marocain, a fragrance that would eventually gain him a cult following after it was given a five star rating by Tania Sanchez in Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, and later described by her co-author Luca Turin as “a classic on par with Shalimar.”

Andy’s perfumes fall broadly into several “collections”: “Classics”, the core of the range; “Pentachords”, which showcase five ingredients each; “Homages”, which contain a higher percentage of natural ingredients and “Collectables”, which are produced in small batches with ingredients whose availability fluctuates from year to year. 

In 2014, Andy launched a diffusion line called “Tauerville” as an outlet for smaller creative projects that don’t fit into regular distribution channels or are too expensive to produce in large volumes. Fun, accessible and affordably priced, each fragrance showcases an interpretation of a single note or accord without unnecessary marketing jargon - or, as Andy himself says, “a 100% Swarovski-free zone.”

To this day, Tauer Perfumes is essentially a one man operation: as well as creating the fragrances, Andy bottles, packages and ships his creations on his own. Always willing to engage directly with his customers, he also blogs extensively and candidly about the creative process and the finer points of being a niche brand in an increasingly saturated market. 

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