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  • Un Bois Vanille smells soo good! It's addictive. I really enjoy it! I smell of cupcakes :)
    Great Melissa! I hope you'll like it, sounds righ up your alley! If you ever have problems let me know and I can buy sample for you and send it as long as you're in Europe. Samples have very good prices in Poland, maximum is 4€ but most are 1,5€
    Thanks zubi! I'm certainly no expert, but if I sniff something I like, I like to share my experiences.
    Hope that you'll like Pen's Eau Sans Pareil. With so many notes you light it must suit your taste
    Hello dear!
    No I haven't tried 3 Fleurs from Parfum d'Empire. It's one of those few from the line I didn't try yet (but I know most of them luckily, I love the house!)
    I've seen a new thread about it here so I jumped to check what's up.

    Hmm... Desserty gourmand... How about Histoires de Parfums 1969 Parfum de Revolte? It has a very natural note of peach with chocolate in the opening.
    You might also find something edible in Penhaligon's Eau Sans Pareil, I just reviewed it on my blog. There's raspberry, pineapple and a sweet licorice
    Just left you a comment at your blog! Lovely review. I'm gonna buy that Iskander, maybe in November but I don't need all 100ml so I'll be doing a split of it so that I will be able to buy also other Parfum d'Empire I want.
    And you smell like milion bucks! I love Iskander. Gotta finally buy it! Will be probably my next purchase. And them I'll be slowly adding two or three more from PdE to my collection
    Hey Zubi! Ya, I didn't care for that one. I love your enthusiasm for scents and your taste in fumes. I was really interested in that Cello one you listed the other day. I had to look it up, sounds sooo interesting:D.
    I'll let you know after I make a purchase and trie them. I could definitely use a bottle of Iskander. It's a great aromatic-chypre. I think this might be my next purchase, but who knows what else I'm gonna smell before that happens...
    I'll order the discovery set at the beginning of July, just like I said. 100% sure of it! Wanted to know them for a while. I don't know many from SL, but I hate Borneo and Arabie and love Gris Clair or Fleurs de Citronnier.
    I need some more Parfum d'Empire in my life too! Time to order the big discovery set... will do, at the very beginning of july.
    Ah, I get it now. Here in Poland we have two niche perfume shop chains, both have boutiques in larger polish cities and they also sell online. I could buy the whole PdE set from them, but getting it straight from France is cheaper...
    Aaaa... you've got a local store of Parfum d'Empire? Lucky you! We don't have any perfume brands boutiques here, so I'll have to order their discovery set from their website for 22€, would pay 14€ just like you, If I lived in France...
    Congratulations on Aziyade! I've been willing to try other Parfum d'Empire since I tried Iskander and Equistrius. I think I'll order the whole discovery set from their website soon.
    I'm sure tomorrow will be a better sniffing day for you. Those days like you have today happen to all of us once in a while. Cheer up and thing how fabulous you'll smell tomorrow ;-)
    Well, I don't think Insolence was really my cup of tea but I do like Elie Saab quite a bit! Elie seems similar to Armani Code for women. I like the Code and the Saab a lot! Quite a few people like Insolence though, so you're definitely not alone!
    Hey Zubi!

    Thanks for thinking of me! Well, I do love red fruits but was disappointed in Midnight Rose, I am not really a fan of that one. But there probably is someone on here that likes it, I am not sure who specifically though. Sorry! Thanks again Zubi! You're awesome!
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