• I'm happy I could become Andy's Elf :) I followed Advent Calendar last year too and didn't win anything either. Still hoping to win something this year!
    LOL, yes, a torturer :) I teach classes in Sociology and Women Studies, about 3 classes each quarter. Usually 2 SOC and 1 WS. I teach all online, it is fun. Lets people who won't be able to get to school otherwise get to school if they want to.
    I bought Nuda, it is quite a different jasmine from Ophelia, it is pretty heady but (to me) it stops before the tipping point.
    Clovis! It's a small world!
    Well, perfume shopping in Abq is not really very exciting. There is one store that carries a few niche (bond #9 and clive c. of all things), but they have quite a few disconinued designers and carry Caron etc that you don't find in the dept. stores.
    If you guys make it up for a visit be sure to PM me and we can hook up for some sniffing!
    Now it took me a loooooong time to respond! I just came back from the BN meetup in Las Vegas, whoo hoo, this was such an eventful trip. But your trip to Santa Fe sounded great as well. My quarter (OUS in on quarterly system, not semesters) started Sept 24th, so I am now in week three and making sure all students are doing their homework and have at least some fun learning! ;)
    I did not get Ophelia while I was in Las Vegas but I was considering :)
    Yes, Chantilly is similar to Shalimar (edc or edt)...but it is sweeter, not in its vanillic component, which is not as vanilla-ey as Shalimar, but sweeter in the orange blossom, which reads very *creamy* to me. Chantilly is not as smoky and dark as Shalimar. It is, rather, all sweetness and powder puffy blush-tinged light. There are so many formulations of either fragrance, though, that it is difficult to compare. Some people call Coty's Emeraude the poor girl's Shalimar. Those two are even more similar, but also very different. They are all in the same family - in their vintage formulations.
    Thank you again, Whitefluffy. Chantilly is an old fragrance, although it is still being made (by Dana). We all have so much to learn yet! And wouldn't it be awful to run out of things to learn, to run out of things that are new to us? :)
    Did you have fun? Sounds like a great trip!
    What you said in your last line is exactly what I thought about both Jasmin de Nuit :)
    Thank you very much, I appreciated your comment about Ophelia! I feel similarly, there is so many things on my wish list. And it is so hard to narrow myself down to just one amber and just one jasmine. Decants are the saving grace, I guess, when you cannot commit to just one!
    Yes, I like autumn. Honestly, I'm a winter person, cold colors suit me best, and I was born in winter :) Also like wearing denser fragrances when this time of year comes. Don't have many of them, buy Rose Anonyme (my latest love which will result in bottle soon) might do just enough for autumn and winter season. It's gorgeous and quite dense.
    Last week we had 30*C almost everyday, this week it osctillates between 24 and 28*C but coming autumn is already visible, and there's some rain due to fall soon. I'm doing fine. Sampling lots of new things, got a large package of samples from the local niche perfumery, just because, they wanted to make me happy :)
    Hiya! How are you doing? I see you expect some nasty high temperatures in your region
    Our group of iris lovers shall provide love for each and every possible kind of iris :) No problem, it was because of the BN breakdown
    I was so happy to score it for such a good price. See again! We like different irises, seriously.
    I agree with you that Bois D'Iris leans more towards masculine. Although I love smelling it I can't imagine wearing it. Good job on scoring it for so cheap, so glad for you. :)
    Yes, a very kind BNer sent me a tiny sample of VC&A Bois d'Iris and I fell for it with the very 1st try. I couldn't resist when I found a tester bottle which was almost half the non-tester price. I find it perfect for myself with it's quality and different woody/iris facets. I don't know why perfume directories mark it as feminine, it's perfectly unisex, or even leaning more towards masculines.
    Happy to hear you tested 1740 and liked it so much. Can't agree with you about similarities with Fumerie Turque as I don't know it. Good luck and enjoy your bottle once you buy it.
    I will try Iris Poudre soon, my sample of it from a swap should be on it's way. About VC&A Bois d'Iris - it's my newest perfume addition, bought it few weeks ago after I got my university 1st degree, it was a gift for myself.
    Glad you liked the review of 1740. It's good, not something I would wear often, but worth trying. There are also reviews of other HdP here at BN :)
    Ah, now I see we both love iris, but we also tend to like it's different faces. I like my iris to be happier, powdery or woody. I own a decant of Iris de Nuit but I find it too airy. Well, tastes are tastes! Let's just like what suits us best :)
    We iris lover gotta stay together, there are few more of us here. You said you didn't understand Iris Nobile, what do you mean?
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