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  • voidvader,
    what's up dude! Sorry for the long silence, been busy getting it on with the new year. So Grey Flannel got you hooked. I love GF but the 'florals' are not quite florals...it is the violet leaf that you are smelling.

    The new and popular florals for men are Kenzo Power (the cologne version is better that the eau de toilette), Guerlain Homme (some don't consider it a floral but it is), and something totally wild: Jean Paul Gaultier's Fluer du Male, which I highly recommend for you to try. The "La Cologne" version of it is better as well.

    Have fun!
    Winter scents in the summer! I do that all the time! Sometimes, to get the full notes reading on a frag, I wear it in hot weather. Anteus is very good, very manly and strong, though it comes across as old school sometimes. Enjoy it!
    Hi! Sorry this message os soooo late, but work and school and life has been EXTREMELY busy for me. Your question about a woody scent is a good one, I personally enjoy Hugo Boss Bottled, very woodsy, but the vanilla ontent is a bit high...maybe too high for you.
    In that case, try Paul Smith London in the brown bottle with the pointy top. Very very woody, though I find it synthetic. If you can find Hermes Terre d'Hermes, I think you will like it. it is not totally woody, and it is a citrus, but it is the kinda citrus you will like...I promise!


    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

    Have you tried Rochas Lui yet? I really think you'll like this one. Also give the vetivers by both Guerlain and Givenchy a try (citrus topnotes but they don't last long). Givenchy Gentleman is another one to watch out for - vetiver, patchouli and leather. Also Eau Noire and Dune pour Homme by Christian Dior may interest you.

    These are off the top of my head and I'm not sure if you own these already (let alone tested them) but let me know what you think. There are many more but I can't remember them in this moment.

    Happy sniffing! :)
    yes i like M7 too. I already bought it after you gave me a suggestion some time ago!!! ...i fell more comfort with insense woody scents. M7 just have a hint of vanilla to my taste, and i dont like vanill, but its just a hint, so i dont dislike m7. I am just trying to go away from the dry dry scents like gucci PH and the sweetness of Dior homme, for example... can you compare equus to tumulte? ( which is more daily wearable, no sweet? no vanilla? i hope!, longivity, cedar inside!!!). these two don´t have in brazil, so i may do i blind buy of them. thank you see ya!
    here is what i understood from you message to me... you are keen to try Tumulte and would like to know if it's similar ot Kyoto and you havent tried Kyoto too...? well, they both are danr similar, no doubt about tht. i prefer Kyoto over tumulte anyday. their similarity to Gucci PH? well, cant see any comparison atall...you like Visit eh :0 thts a nice scent. if you like Visit, then you "must" try YSL M7. it has pretty similar accords. and may i dare say, M7 is much more interesting.
    Hello and thanks for looking me up,

    My choices of others scents in almost the same category would include: Bright visit, Dior Homme, Ungaro III (kind of), Gucci Envy (kind of), L' Eau par Kenzo pour Homme, Versace Blue Jeans and Dior Fahrenheit 32
    Thnx for writin by! if you liked Versace ph then, you may want to try
    Dior Eau Sauvage extreme
    Luciano Soprani Uomo
    Moschino Freinds
    Lalique Pour homme (Lion)
    I can think of three offhand, but none of them really fresh:
    Baldessarini - a cologne and doesn't last as long as an EDT, but I really like as a fragrance
    Tumulte by Christian LaCroix - definitely cedar a little artificial but ok
    CdG Sequoia - very nice cedarlike fragrance

    The one I own is Baldessarini

    Good luck.
    Catalyst - Halston Cheapie (as are all the older Halstons) but an excellent spice
    Eau Lente - Diptyque
    Noir Epices - Frederic Malle see the website they will send samples (apparently at a charge, now)
    -also check out Musc Ranvaguer (for musk)
    Caravelle Epicee - Frapin

    Jaiper Homme - Boucheron
    Obsession - Calvin Klein (Classic)

    Ambre Sultan Serge Lutens
    Ambre Precieux - MPG
    Blue Amber - Montale

    Yerbamate - Lorenzo Villoresi
    Eau de Campagne - Sisley
    Green, Green, Green, and Green - Miller et Bertaux

    Erolfa - Creed
    Bulgari Agua Pour Homme
    Millesime Imperial - Creed
    Halston Unbound - cheapie but better than Acqua di Gio

    The recommendations given by Trebor and Jenson are excellent. Good luck and welcome to Basenotes.
    These are my favorites, too. I warn you, though, I like them strong and many of the older ones. Do not buy any without checking them out for yourself. Check out these.

    Aramis 900 by Aramis
    DK Fuel by Donna Karan - just reissued and now sold by Bergdorf Goodman:

    Santos Concentree - Cartier
    The Third Man - Caron
    Dunhill 1934 and Dunhill Edition
    Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme
    Tiffany for Men at the website

    Santal Noble - MPG
    Tam Dao - Diptyque
    Chene - Serge Lutens - now available only in Paris
    Blenheim Bouquet - Penhaligon

    Continued on next post................
    Hi voidvader,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    It's very tricky to recommend a list of scents to you, as fragrance is a very personal thing - what may suit one person may not suit another, with factors such as skin chemistry coming into play. However, the following thread would be a very good start:


    Based on personal recommendations, anything by Serge Lutens and Montale (anything from the aoud line) would be worthwhile testing. Also Rochas Lui, Heritage, Gucci pour Homme and a couple of Tom Fords (Moss Breeches and Aoud Wood) would be worth investigating too.

    I'd advise you to read as many reviews and forum threads as possible to form a wishlist, and then test them all out via decants and samples. It does seem overwhelming but with a little time and patience, you'll begin developing a wardrobe you can be very happy with. This is how I started out.

    Good luck! :)
    Thnx for writing by and those good words...i consider myself not worthy to recommend you frags...you may want to try these frgrances in a mall before you buy..heres some i would recommend based on your description..
    Baldessarini Concentrate..if not concentrate then the eau de Cologne..
    Rochas LUI
    Gucci Pour Homme
    Lalique (lion)

    the first three are quite woody and spicy scents...especially 2&3...1 has a nice note of tobacco and is extremely gentlman kinds...Lalique has a unique touch of citrus and woody notes...
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