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  • Hoping this message finds you well in your special synch day.
    Haven't seen you posting for a while now. Best Wishes, Kate.(kewart)
    Hi V, haven't seen you around for while & l hope you're ok! lt's your synch day today so l hope you can join us, we miss you!! xx
    Wish you a very happy birthday, Love and Hugs!!!:kiss:
    Omg N.Cal, this is beautiful!! I'd be honoured if you add a photo my country to your workplace!! :)
    What do you of this canvas of Croatia? I'm trying to add a photo of Croatia along with a few photos of other countries in Europe in my workplace. Did come to the right place for opinions and suggestions? ;):smiley:
    First time logging in in days. It's either posting here or by PM or by personal email. I don't think the Visitor Message option gets used much anymore. Doesn't matter much though, hopefully BN will be back to normal in the morning. Fingers crossed!
    Hello to you freewheel, I don't think I've ever done this wall posting thing...To be honest, I hardly know how it works! This forum down thing is awful! I wish more people would use Tapatalk so we could still hang out. Funny that the forum works perfectly in the app still... have a great Friday!
    The forums are down but we can converse wall to wall - miss reading your posts but hopefully it'd all be back soon! Have a nice Thursday! :vrolijk_26:
    Meant to get back to you last week and tell you I LOVED your sandalwood thread! That was some evolution that happened to you with BdI, much the same as mine with No.5- and I was about your age when it happened to me. Those Chanels are so sneaky! Was a joy to read, thank you for sharing. You're a wonderful BNer; nice to know you a bit better!
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