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  • Hey Jimbo,

    Your PM box is full so I'll post the message here and you can delete as you like:

    Yeah the Aventus split is becoming a lil bit of a pain in the rear, I was going to PM everyone about bottle #12 tonight.

    I'm still waiting on one set of funds to come through and annoyingly Creed are out of stock of the latest stuff until early June so I might have to ask you guys to wait for a while before I can get this one turned around.

    Not ideal I know, Sorry


    You are not by chance the Zero Hedge guy are you? The name Tyler Durden is so unique it is hard to belive there are two of you! If you don't know what I am talking about (which would mean you aren't the same one) then check out Zero Hedge and see your namesake! Ciao, Breck
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