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  • Wolfie, :kiss:, how are you, my dear? Thought of you today. No chance you are stopping by for the occasional chat on the SotD thread? I am usually there for Happy Friday wishes.
    Thank you for posting your dandelion jelly recipe! Going to show my G-ma; it will make her day! xoxo
    Happiest birthday wishes to you, dear Wolfie! Wishing you only the very best & stay fragrant! :kiss:
    Happy 9th Basenotes Anniversary, Wolfie!

    I hope you will be able to come back soon. Take care of yourself (and Mr. T) in the meantime.
    Have you tried Fig Tree by SSS? Did you say you wanted sweet or no in a fig? It's woody and a bit sweet.
    Miss you so much, T. I think about you every time I come to Basenotes, it's just not the same here without you. I hope things are going okay for you and you'll be back soon. Sending tons of hugs!!
    Your beautifully written birthday wishes really touched my heart, A.! Just the words I needed to hear; thank you!
    So sorry to hear about your friends mom. Will keep Ellie in my thoughts and prayers.
    I was impressed to hear on today's SOTD thread that you're in school and are on top of the class! What are you studying if you don't mind me asking?
    We sure are missing you, Twolf. I hope your move is going well and that you'll be back real soon!!!
    Dearest ((Wolfie)), I haven't been around so much and it seems I missed your birthday yesterday - oh no!! So sorry not to make a big fuss, but I sure hope you had a very special and fragrant day! ♥

    Thanks Twolf! I'm enjoying this Serge Lutens really much. The few I've tried so far didn't work for me at all. Fleurs de Citronnier will be nice to review in the afternoon.

    You smell great too! Omnia Coral is superb!
    How've you been? Haven't seen you on the forums and miss your 2¢ on uncommon scents :)
    Been missing on SOTD. It feels a bit cast adrift when you are not there. Nice to see you today.
    Hello, I thought I sent you a PM a while back, but I guess I must not have? Or you didn't get it? I'm not quite sure. Anyway, don't mean to bother you, but I was wondering if you ever did ship out the Mystere? Perhaps it got lost in the post?
    Good evening! I am so sorry, and I apologize for forgetting to give you feedback. Sometimes I have those blonde moments.
    Forgive me!

    Part 2)
    For you reference there is a very similar set on E bay just now but I can't seem to find it today. If you do find it please note that it appears to be in perfect condition and mine is not, it is really tatty, AND I don't want money for mine. (You see we Scots are not as mean as our racial stereotype would try to convince you that we are!!) There is also what seems to be an identical bottle of Balalaita, ref no 390076662822. So you can have a look if you would like to.

    As I have said, please don't expect some pristine thing but it is charming all the same. All that I ask is that you study the fragrances and let me know what you think.

    I haven't got around to my wardrobe and a wish list and I might not but I am sure that you have something that I would like. If you are interested we can work something out,

    Hello, Thank You for your kind response. I will have to submit this as two messages because of the length of the text

    1). I would be happy to send you the wee box of fragrances.

    The label is in French, it says Collection "Les Antiques" then "Reediton Original". I don't know whether that means that they are original or not. What do you think? According to the label the Perfumes inside are Corday Toujours Moi, 1931; Lucien Lelong L'Indiscret version N, 1938, and Lucien Lelong, Plume, 1938, but as I explained, these are not the fragrances which are in the box. They are Balalaita, not Balalaika. Then there is "Opening Night", apparently a very popular one. The cap on this one is broken and it has leaked but it is actually very nice. Then Un Air Embaume, Rigaud. It is sealed with a tight cap and it is still wearable. I think that they are in various conditions but they are all very rich and resinous.
    Hello, my dear! Wishing you a very happy Easter! I missed you. :kiss:
    As creepy as it seems, I did not have the chat window open while you were there this morning. I heard the sounds and could not figure out where they were coming from. Sorry I missed you. Hope to chat some time.
    My source for chypres's list is the site of fragrantica.com and it's not a secret :)
    Thank you for the thank you! So you like my rose? :)
    I hope your Valentine's Day was a happy one! ♥
    I hope whatever your problems are, will go away quickly and the new year will bring you much happiness.
    Hi Twolf, thanks for the birthday greetings earlier today.
    (Looks at clock.)
    Yesterday, actually.
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