• Your review of Jacomo de Jacomo was unselfish, and supremely objective. I like when a fragrance is "not for" the reviewer, but they can appreciate it anyway...so much so that they give it a thumbs up.
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts / threads. I like your sense of humour and I really value your knowledge of perfumes.
    I am in facebook: David George Pickstone
    Very Best Wishes,

    I've noticed you're an enthusiast of Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills.

    Could you please kindly tell me if the re-launched fragrance is still as strong as it was back in the 1990s when I used to wear it? I recall it would leave a gorgeous trail and I got many compliments on it.
    Would you say it works the same today? Is it true that the formula was altered?

    I'm also considering an A*Men purchase but something tells me Giorgio holds on for much longer. Let alone, I think its formula is more original than that of A*Men.
    I'm curious to read your opinion.

    Hello tvlampboy! Wich of the lalique scents do you think is more the way of visit azzaro? I asking your help because i love azzaro visit and i wanted to buy something like this scent... the good damp cedar inside visit! ... i was thinking of lalique equus... do you think this one is similar to visit? or it would be encre noire? If you could help i thank you very much! you are the only that reviewed
    lalique and visit in a good way. see ya!
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