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  • Thanks for the lovely compliment, Trebor! :) Yes l've got a few more in the pipeline when l get time...
    enjoy reading your blog. your review of undergreen black stopped my from buying it blind (still, it was quite a 'catch' on ebay but i've managed to restrain myself, literally).
    Just had another look at your blog... have I mentioned that I absolutely love the film noir style headline being a great fan of the genre. :)
    To all my friends, a wish a wonderful 2011!

    Oh, what a lovely track! Jolie Holland reminds me somewhat of Madeleine Peyroux. God, you've really got my work cut out now!

    The Joseph Arthur videos were very insightful but the whole cockroach aspect wasn't to my tastes, I'm afraid! LOL! Absolutely hate the buggers! However, overall, I didn't find it creepy at all. You want creepy? Stay tuned... ;-)

    Anyway, here's something jazzy for you, from one of my all-time favourite female artists:
    Hey! That song was really great! I actually really enjoyed that video. Highly entertaining! LOL! I look forward to hearing more of the late Benjamin Biolay :) He definitely has some Leonard Cohen thing going on but 'fresher' sounding if that makes any sense to you.

    Thanks so much!
    oh and one more note...I love the British! I made so many friends from the UK in the past decade that I can now determine where you are from in the manner of dialect.

    Oh, and British slang is brilliant! I remember hearing a friend call her BF an 'anorak'. I thought she meant he was slim and she laughed at me. I later looked it up and howled with laughter that it's a 'genre' of people who 'do what they do' always wearing their parkas though - lol. It's the most bizarre thing I have ever heard of?! I hope you aren't offended...For all I know, you could enjoy the same hobby but for some reason I am mildly doubtful (and hoping) *red cheeks*
    Hey Trebor!

    You have great taste in music! I love that video with all my heart and soul! :) Edward Sharpe's and TMZ are a bunch of great people. So very down to earth and loving peeps <3
    Nice to meet you btw!!!

    hi trebor!! i´m doing the same askin i did to andrew i´m doing to you...i´m tryin to walk through florals now! hahaha. But i don´t have a advanced nose for it. just like florals... i´ll exercise. Have any suggestions, classic ones, power ones that we can enjoy the florals? i heard people talkin about many, but do you have some suggestions? By the way i fall interested after gettin all flowers in grey flannel when wear it in hot days... now i want more and more feel classy and gentleman...
    Hi T.
    I wonder if you can point me in the direction of :- Guerlain Spiriteuese Double Vanille., and where I'mlikely to get it/some?
    I have gone all around the houses with frag's only to end up wanting, nay craving, for the above mentioned. I know you are an admirer of this scent and I was wondering where on earth I may get some without travelling from these shores(!)

    Glen. SE Berkshire UK
    Hello trebor. Your reviews are like the blade a cut my patients... Very nice, i would say! Now, i´m here to ask you for helping me. I´ts hot here in Brazil and i need a scent for the summer is coming (its still spring here!). The first problem: few trademarks are available here (just like Givenchy, YSL, armani, versace, azzaro, davidoff, bulgari etc.). So i´m always trying to find something in the garbage, sadly. Second: i don´t like eminent citrus scents! Like i´ve said before to others i love visit, santos, etc. So do you have any sugestion? It exists a dayly scent that is woody without a proeminent citrusy note? thanks, see ya!
    Trebor, I could not pm you regarding the Patou because your mail is full. I will be calling the shop up for stock availability. Stocks in that shop have been known to be snapped up in moments by tourist that stop by or visit. Will let you know the moment I get news this Monday.
    Alright Trebor I'll be guided by your wisdom . . . in place of Penhaligon's and C&Z 88, I have purchased Black Aoud . . . BTW interesting head shot
    Ya I like aromatic/spicy smells better than the fresh/aquatic kind but I haven't yet found one that I can wear in 80 degree heat.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
    I like Burberry Brit and London and I like classics like Drakkar Noir. Right now I am looking for a fresh scent for summer that isn't just the usual aquatic or fresh-green scent.
    I was wondering if you could recommend some fragrances that aren't boring but at the same time aren't difficult to wear, I am a teenager and am on a budget I am only able to spend at max $40 on a 100ml bottle. I pretty much like all types of fragrances. Thank You :)
    Hello Trebor

    Thank you for your submissions which contribute to keeping this post and site interesting

    Keep them coming !!!
    I like to save photos I find online, too, mostly of places I'd rather be! Ha! Hope you have a good day. :)
    Hi, Trebor! I like reading your reviews. Your avatars are always so interesting, do you take the photos yourself?
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