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    i own Creed fleur de the rose bulgare because i had smelled a lady and after a while i smelled the creed perfume,asked about it and thought it was the same one with the ladys

    Unfortunately this is not as soap as the first perfume i am searching was and i would like to ask you if you have smelled both if this is indeed soap and more sweet than the creed one

    thank you
    Hi tovah, I am Sam. and I live in orange county near cal state fullerton. I love scents and I notice you write a lot on this board. Are there any group meetings they have? Do you all go to visit scent shops as a group in OC or LA basenoters? I would love to have a fragrance outing with other fragrance junkies. I usually go to South Coast plaza or LA for my scents. Nice to meet you!!

    Thanks for the advice, I tried Falling in Love and I well... fell in love with it! My fiance loves it too, great scent.
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