• Your reviews are so in line with how I feel - it's nuts!

    I do have to admit: reading some of your reviews of fragrances I have (and enjoy) has shed new light and, ironically, made me dislike them. Darn you!

    I like that you try all fragrances - you try the super expensive stuff and the cheapy-cheapies.

    Hi there,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your reviews. I can imagine it took you some time to write all those detailed descriptions of your opinions into text for others... like I can imagine, that few people take their time to thank you for it.

    Through your reviews I also discover new fragrances - thanks for that as well.

    Kind regards,

    Although I disagree with some of your reviews, for the most part they're "spot on" and if when researching a fragrance I see one of your reviews, I give it special attention. Good S**t dude.
    Good to see others recognizing how outstanding Havana by Aramis is. This is my all-time favorite. Great review, spread the word. It was suggested to me by someone on BN maybe 6-8 months ago and it was love at first sniff. I thought to myself "now THIS is what I want to smell like, THIS is the vibe".
    I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to remember Raw Vanilla. I wore it back in the day along with (eep!) gravity. I was indifferent toward gravity even then but raw vanilla felt like an epiphany. After I finished the bottle that was that. I don't know where the bottle came from so I didn't know where to find it. I knew it had Vanilla in the name and after time I became certain it was Vanilla Fields for men. Then I stumpled upon your review and immediately remembered the label and cap. I ordered mine and have felt at ease since. It remains a glorious scent. Thanks again for finding the greats in the bargain bin.
    I appreciate your reviews. Reading comparisons is much more meaningful than even the most accurate description of the notes and their sequence. thanks.
    I own a sample of the same but I didn't like it as much i Liked Bang...Beat has no longevity on my skin...2 hours and gone poof!!
    I agree..!!
    What else you can suggest.something peppery..like Marc Jacobs Bang...I'm serching for Piper Nigrum but its not available anywhere in India and neither on eBay. eBay is my only source of getting frags from the US...
    hey I've noted that the ones I bought (of course blind) after reading your reviews I found most of them to be really good...You really have got a good taste...and your reviews are spot on..Bang...Great!!
    Gotta thank you for your review (and regard) for English Leather. Has become my hands down favorite cheapo and have come to conclude: it may be the most underrated scent in any category. A poor man's niche? Who cares? It's great stuff, even in the reformulation!
    just read your quiksilver review, did you get the 1oz. for $8 at Scented monkey?
    Cuz I just got it from there , great deal, i'm tempted to post it on the the discount/deals forum.
    Just wanted to drop a note saying thank you! Your reviews are VERY helpful for when I am choosing my next fragrance.

    Keep it up! :)
    Nice to know someone else besides me wore Gap Blue in middle school.

    Keep smellin' good, man! :beer:

    Think your reviews are spot on. Was wondering if you could recommend a good tea fragrance that's still fairly masculine. Been looking into Blvgari Extreme as I haven't smelled their tea note. Looking for something within $50 to $60 dollars.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some fragrances that would compliment the smell of cigarettes? I smoke Marlboro 27's, and have bought Burberry london, Cuba Red & Gold, and grey flannel to start off my wardrobe. Are there any summertime scents you might suggest? i am willing to pay up to $120 for a bottle. I have samples of the dreamer by versace and cannabis scental coming, but i would be curious to see what you might suggest since you write good reviews.
    Ok, I have to say, the Tommy B is excellent.. Very solid and original frag. Like the notes up and down.. Projection is a little above average, but it just doesn´t last that long on me. Maybe it is the dry midwest climate right now, but I only get 3-4 hours. Is that normal? I guess for the price, still not bad, and this stuff definitely is a staple, very inoffensive and unpretentious. Love the St. Barts as well, but the original frag is a bit more unique, SB has that rum scent I dig, a bit less projection and longevity, still need to try South Seas.. Thanks again!
    thanx for your great review of the fantastic frag that animale animale is
    Hi ! No , I still have Shalimar :D - just down about my stupid addcicion to buying more than 1 bottle of the same fragrance at a time .....
    So I definitely had to friend you on here after reading your post about sticking samples up your nose LOL can't say I've ever done that particular thing myself but sounds like some kind of shit I would do, props to you for having the balls to share though x-D

    Hey, your post about Zino (smelling like death) cracked me up. It's one of my all time favorites, but it's not for everyone.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Hi handsome, long time, no chat!
    I hope everything is OK with you
    and yours ... talk to ya later! ;)

    The Biggest Duke of them All ...
    Hey man! I never ended up posting anything to basenotes about my youtube channel. I don't know if you know or not but I won Fragrance Idol! Feels pretty good. It was a blast!
    Be sure to youtube Army of Lovers, maybe you'll like more of their crazy,
    but über-intelligent songs?! They are the best!
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