• Enjoy your day Chuck! The SOTD thread is one of my favorites, if not my favorite thread on BN. When I notice its someone's birthday whom I recognize from reading their posts / contributions over the years, I like to wish them happy birthday. Have a great birthday!
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!

    Merry Christmas, C! I hope yours was a good one. DH & I just returned from a long, but very good, weekend spent at both sets of parents' houses. Hooray for Christmas being on the weekend! (and for cool bosses ;).)
    Hi telecaster! Thank you for the visitor message! It's so nice to hear from others and to learn where they are from. I've really been enjoying basenotes, everyone has been so nice. Hope you have a good evening!
    Whoa! I almost missed it! A very Happy Birthday to you, C! I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by friends and family and that your students don't give you too much heck! :)
    hello telecaster sorry to bother you but I had a question for you specifically. i noticed that you put on the SOTD thread that you wear Gucci pour homme II? I am considering this fragrance as my next purchase but I am unsure of the sillage and longevity of the scent. I was hoping you can share your opinion about it. Thanks for your time and patience.
    Hey, thanks for reading my lil blog, and thank you so much for your kind words! Yours is a great story of how you came to love scent. My dad was and still is an Old Spice guy. My mom's "signature scent" was and probably always will be Jergens Original lotion. ;) None of my friends and family are into 'fumes like I am, either. I'm sure if they opened a certain drawer in our fridge and saw my lil vintage collection they'd be all :confused:. Then they'd find the rest of them in a drawer next to my bed and think I'm a little batty. And my collection's still considered small for a BNer.:eek: Have you gotten your wife into 'fumes yet? :D
    Well, have yourself a good Labor Day, good luck with this year's batch of students!
    So you're officially back to work, then? US kids start school next Tuesday. Science is awesome, but it's never been my strong suit. Words are where it's at for me. I'd love to eventually go back to school for linguistics. As for now, I work as a pharmacy technician, and it's a good job. DH and I are both from Oregon. He's in school right now, so we'll be here for a while:). As for 'fumes, I've always been into them ( I had quite the collection when I was a kid, too:p.)I found BN and I was like, "The mothership!" It took me a couple months to realise there was this whole community, though-- I was just writing bad reviews of everything I could think of and having fun doing it, hehheh. What about you?
    Hey, it's going great! It's the weekend! Good for you, a teacher! What do you teach? I thought very briefly about teaching high school, but decided against it for lots of reasons. You must be a very patient person.
    Way to go, your first two posts! Basenotes is a pretty trippy place, if you haven't learned this yet, you will....:coolold: Crazier and crazier every day, I tell ya.... Hey, enjoy the rest of your vacay! :)
    Sweet, me too! Not knowing that is Muddy Waters makes me a noob, though...:eek:still learning! I love the sound, though, and I got my husband turned on to blues, too.

    Have an awesome day! :)
    Well, way west and a little south of you in Oregon, US, has been uncharacteristically cool, especially for August. Today reached mid-70s. This means our upper-level apartment with no ac but a little window deal has been nice and comfortable! I'm cool with it all, though, except really cold.
    It is cool, chatting about 'fumes with folks who get it! Who's in your avatar?
    It's all good! I'm having a nice, relaxing Sunday. We just went for a walk, it is indeed a beautiful day! See you on the boards, hopefully! :)
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