• I have not seen nor heard from you on the boards in a while and was hoping things are going well for you.
    Please drop a line if you feel up to it, would love to hear from you.
    Take care

    Her is my email address if you want to write me there,
    Hi sweety, I am well thank you for asking. Hope all goes well for you. I love your avatar, the sparkle always makes me smile.
    Let's keep in touch more.
    Be well
    Hi there, Tara. Check out nukapai's thread on the female side on Nuka and Ody's Mayday get-together. I was in the UK on business and had a nice sniff & chat with nuka. She posted some pics of her day. I'm just back from my trip, and hope to do a similar thread on the men's side.
    So things are just fine with me! Nice to hear from you, I hope you are well. Looked for Bois Rouge but couldn't find it anywhere that I was in London.
    Hi Tara! Everything's great! We just moved a couple cities north and are quickly becoming situated. Our cat is a little bit sick right now but she has handled the move remarkably well, otherwise. Our fourth anniversary is in a couple days and we are taking a three-day weekend to celebrate. :D Until then I'm just working away and ...erm...trying not to respond to trolls. ;)
    How are things with you?
    Hi, Tara. I'm very well, thank you - I'm still employed, so I really can't complain! ;)

    I've been quite busy, recently, attending to lots of long overdue personal projects (one of which involves correcting / editing all the reviews I previously submitted here). It seems to be the perfect time to address these, as I really have to watch my finances this month.

    Although I haven't submitted many reviews lately, I'm hoping to have a stack of them towards the end of this month. To be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to the pile of samples I've accumulated. However, I'm very much looking foward to FM's Geranium pour Monsieur, and samples by Profumum Roma and Histoires de Parfums have been quite promising.

    And how are you? :)
    Hmm, suggestions... The fact that you like Midnight Violet and Voleur de Roses makes me think you might like Rose De Nuit, a recent favorite of mine.
    Actually I think that the Dark Rose could go so much further but they are in the right direction. Some of the incredible attar based fragrances in the Middle East are so incredibly dark and mysterious. My daughter commutes to Qatar and brings me perfumes. I'll try to have her pick up a really heavy rose when she gets back to the US. If I get some, I'll decant you a vial.

    Merbert (actually my name is Su)
    Have you tried the Czech and Speake Rose or the new Dark Rose? Both are very feminine, the first in an innocent organza sort of way, and the other mysterious and sultry, hidden behind a black veil.
    I have a sample of F&M i have been trying this winter. I liked it. Liked it quite a lot. I think you'll like the Rose. I think that one is the most feminine they have.
    Hey there, Tara. Thanks a lot for the heads-up on the TF Bois Rouge. It sounds like a terrific woody scent. I really appreciate hearing about it from you. Cheers!
    No problem, Tara - glad to help you out. Neil Morris has a lot of interesting scents. I've only sampled a fraction of them. In fact, I need to sample some more of them this year!

    Have a wonderful day! -Red
    I get busy from time to time, but I'll try to keep at writing reviews, too! Thanks for your encouragement.
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