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  • I just had to giggle here tonight where you post you are scared of the Creeders...
    Made my day!
    and, Hi from Alberta...
    Thanks for your kind message Surfacing. There is indeed a lot of fragrances out there and what a wonderful thing to have in our lives to cheer us and explore. I will keep searching and hopefully a little of what I put up in posts will make others explore more too! Best wishes to you on your journey! Koala
    thank you, Surfacing. i cannot order samples here so i just made a blind purchase of b ph. i hope by 'too sweet' you don't mean cloying or headache-inducing. greeting.
    Hey man! Wow, I haven't visited this place in a while. How's it going?

    Fragrance hobby is still going strong. I just picked up Bois 1920 Extreme today and thought I'd pop by for some reviews. I've been going without reviews for a while and I've had a ton of success - I'm also buying way less, hahaha.
    Hey there,
    Being interested in "Acteur", I thought you might want to read a post from this week on my new blog about recommended fall/winter scents:

    Let me know what you think. (And what your fall/winter recommendations are; would be interested in hearing about them.) I'll be doing fragrance reviews regularly, so do stop by when you have the time.
    Tell me from where you got this idea, If you are getting from my side then you are not able to understood what I wanted to only read one sentence and then immediately reached at the opinion point.
    heya, typing this here just seems to devalue the novelty of what I want to say to you : your sensitivity and concern for whatever issues i had is much appreciated. you're one of the few members i feel very comfortable with. Cheers and keep in touch my friend.
    Found it, smelled it, bought a 60ml immediately. Thanks again for the heads up! I'm so glad I didn't have to wait any longer.

    I like this even more than the original so far!
    Yay! Thanks for the heads up. :D I'm seriously thinking about driving to my nearest Shoppers right now... hmmm.

    Only available in 60ml?
    yupp i'm back, good to know i'm noticed :p my computer was broken for the past 5 months, it was HELL. =( Anyways thanks and merry christmas! (or whatever you celebrate haha)
    Awesome! Yeah, Winners is great. As with anything there, you have to do a little digging. I also found L'Eau D'Issey Intense 100ml for $50 last week (although I like the original better).
    Thank you, Surfacing. Your words really cheer me up. Namely, because of my unperfected English I am just forced to discard a lot of (I believe – good) ideas, just because I don’t now how to formulate them well. Thanks again, Surfacing!
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