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  • Hello Spoombung, don't suppose you could hive off 1ml of that Ambre Sultan before it sells, do you? Probably best not to, but I couldn't resist asking. Good luck with the sale, David.
    Hey Kev I have a quick question
    What can you say about the longevity on Tea for Two?
    I absolutely love the fragrance but the longevity on it is horrible. The LONGEST I've gotten from my sample is 1.5 hours. Yes, really.
    Im wondering if my sample was just a oddball sample or if it is really like that.
    hey there Kev. thanks a lot for your message. i'm glad you liked it. looking forward to looking through some of your reviews and listening to some of your music too.

    Oh, a visitor! Hello, nice to be here on basenotes. I've always been fascinated with perfume like everyone else here. Some terrific writing in the reviews!

    Best wishes


    If you'd like to listen to some of my music try here (all downloadable for free)
    And try here for the later stuff (listen only for this one)
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