• Hi there, Kim!

    I was wondering if you'd let your bottle of Fille en Aiguilles go for $95 (€67) shipped.

    Let me know
    Hey everyone,

    I want to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. My daughter was in the hospital and could not be left alone because of her health condition so I have been with her. She is doing much better and is home now. Be patient with me until I get my inbox emptied. I will be responding to everyones messages.

    Again I am really sorry.

    Hello Kim

    I have tried to reach you a number of times through the e-mail and by sending you messages here but I never got any answer so I am really worried about the perfume I paid on Feb, 14. Can you please ship that / confirm that you have shipped it or issue the full refund. Thanks.
    Hey Kim,

    Will we be able to secure that sale today?. Your inbox is full but you can message me at ahmad.a.ahad@gmail.com - thanks


    Can get a response from you, in the off chance you are not receiving PM's please contact me at dan_walsh_ca@yahoo.com concerning my purchase from you. Payment has been sent and wanted to know if everything has been received ok.



    I think you need to empty out some of your PM inbox ( so I can send you a PM)

    Thanks !

    Hi There Kim, i receveid Ungaro+Etro...Thnx! pls re-affirm if you received the AG MR.. plus im not sure how to leave feedback...any idea..? (btw, thnx! )

    Best Regards,
    You are not responding to posts to your sale thread. Please PM me or I will have to close it.
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