• Hi,

    Could You please help me? I'm in trouble looking perfumes for my GF. I know nothing about perfumes but I checked her wardrobe lately and I noticed she likes scents that could be described as florals broken by fruits. She owns Gucci Rush, Escada Magnetism and an untagged bottle shaped like red apple with golden top). I would be grateful if You could recommend 3-5 scents which I should check;)

    Thanks in advance.
    Hi Steve! I know this may be a long shot but I was wondering if that Bel Ami sample you sent me was vintage because it sure smells more fantastic then the one I've tried.
    Hey, I see you like RPG's do you play runescape? Im lvl 130 username: the big dogg

    Anyways love your awesome collection of frags!
    Hello Steve,
    I would like to ask you something. I have Stetson black aftershave. I like its smell very much. But when i apply it on my skin, i feel little bit uncomfortable. I feel like it sticks and stays on my skin for a long time. And i think it lasts for only few hours. Did you feel the same viscosity when you use it? And could you please recommend me similar smell and less viscosity. I hope i was able to tell you my question. Thank you.
    Hello Steve
    with your vast experience can you please suggest a super fresh frag that has great projection (sillage) and super long lasting.
    Hey Steve do you recall if that Santal Noble sample you sent was vintage because it smelt very different then the sample I recently tried and let me say its FANTASTIC!!
    Very Valentino pour Homme has a nice pip tobacco accord in it but it's not fruity. It's more musky than tobacco. Michael for Men does too and it's more boozy. Tabaróme by Creed is also a good one. But I don't know of anything exactly like cherry or vanilla cigars.
    Can you point me in the directions of a or a few fragrances that smell like really really good cherry or vanilla cavendish pipe tobacco? A few times in my life i would get a whiff of someone smoking a pipe. And the aroma of good expensive pipe tobacco smells Sooooo GOOD!!!!
    Hey do you, or anyone wanna trade 2 bottles of Frags for 2 of mine: Boucheron Jaipur -&- Boucheron Pour Homme ? Does this happen often trading...lol? Just a few sprays were sprayed out of them.
    How is it going? Say, I have a fellow BN'er wanting to swap me for a bottle of Costume National Scent Intense. I read your review on it and it sounds good, but I am worried it would be too feminine according to some of the other reviews? What is your thoughts on it??
    yeah u seem to know SO much about scents what is the number one scent that women absolutely LOVE?? im looking for a nice scent
    yeah i just ordered escada magnetism, i got the new gucci, black xs, michael jordan, fcuk, lolita lempicka masculin and issey miyake online and am very satisfied with these scents

    but do u ever go online? u can get a GREAT discount on lj shopping.net or scentiments.com or perfumemax they have some hot deals
    Archaic is actually the same as manchester and its the ONLY one there worth buying

    have u ever been to the little shops with lots of NO NAME scents on the counter?? do u like karen low? geparlys? estelle ewen? creation lamis? have u ever smelled world extension?
    Hello Sir Slarty . I'm a perfume lover , but yet a begginer in perfumery .
    I have these in my collection :
    Bulgari-Aqua , Polo-Blue , Polo-DoubleBlack , Burberry-TheBeat , Aramis-Tuscany , Davidoff-CoolWater , Versace-Dreamer , CalvinKlein-Obsession Night , Halston-Unbound , ElizabethArden-Sandal , Jacomo-ParadoxGreen , Molyneux-Captain and Halston-1-12 .
    Which some more good perfumes would you sugest me , completely different from these , in order to make my collection more balanced , and cover all families of notes . Like ... Pine , Anise , woodies , tobaco , ......
    Thanks a lot .
    Dear Sir:

    (May I call you "Sir"?)

    I'll be brief. I just bought 10 sealed bottles of Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir. I have the opportunity to buy as many as 25 more bottles. What do you think I should do? Do you think I could actually get rid of that much juice and make a decent profit? Or better yet, do you think there's enough Basenoters who'd consider making trades for......whatever?
    hey have u ever smelled anything from the buckle store??? they have this stuff called archaic thats really good, have u ever smelled world extension?? what do u think of creation lamis is it a good line?

    I interested in getting a decant of Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir and Canali Summer Night, please let me know if you have these available and price ? thank you
    new here,but not so new to parfumery.Been looking for ultimate wood scent,wood like fresh cut wood from the actual wood.But still no satisfying candidate found (maybe Annayake Undo,by the way ,this one doesn't appear anywhere on this website).Any ideas or recommendations on this subject?
    Hey I was looking at your massive decant list on tonightstars.com and I couldn't find what the three sizes corresponding to the three prices are. Are the bottles plastic or glass? Spray or splash? I might order a bunch once I've digested the whole list. Is there any shipping on top of these prices, or is shipping included? Thanks!
    I'm surprised you loved Imperial Opoponax but hated Gaultier^2. To me, they are nearly the same.
    Another along those lines but better in my opinion is Brit Gold by Burberry. It's very close to them, but sweeter and less resinous.
    Hiii i would like to know you opinion about the sexiest and most attractive (killer) fragrance for men...excluding aqua di gio and cool water and all the fragrances from this category that i dont like ..i wud apprectiate ur help a lot !
    Just wanted to let you know I love your new avatar!
    It's never Lupus - and if it is, it aint real ;)
    Whenever i am investigating a cologne i always scroll real fast down all the reviews untill i see your instantly recognizable icon

    my question is whats your number 1 lady killer cologne?
    I was wondering if you could help me. You seem to be the only person who has reviewed both Ghost Man and Lempicka au Masculin. Would you mind comparing these for me? I wear and adore the Lempicka, and I also love the female version of Ghost Deep Night, and was thinking I might want to switch to the G-man when my lempicka runs out; they seem to have some of the same notes. Unfortunately, I don't have stores near me that carry the Ghost so can't smell in person. I could buy a sample online, but thought I would try asking you first.
    Thanks so much!
    Because of your ubiquitous, knowledgable presence I'll ask you: I own two fragrances, Stetson Rich Suede and Intention for Men by Estelle Vendome. I can't find them on any fragance site. Do have any idea/guess why?
    Time off is always good. I am gonna do the same. But I hope you return and hope you still carry out your off site sales. I am sorry that scammer stooped to such a low level

    Take Care, = )
    Apologies for not sending this earlier. I always read your reviews, I may not always agree, but they are certainly not crap. And your posts have good humor and info, I like 'em. Your not rude, stuck-up or hostile or whatever I am used to in daily life and in the media.

    I suppose you didn't want an answer to your latest blog entry ( comments disabled?). But I read it at a good time. Just before I was browsing some online blogs and magazine sites. They are your typical sites that millions or just a thousand read. Lots of bullshit, fluff, misleading propaganda and stuff that makes my stomach turn because I dislike what I see.

    Anyways, my point is that I like browsing Basenotes forums and reviews ( and your written material) because it gets me away from that reality I dislike. You have put a lot of effort into this hobby and also into this site, and I will always appreciate that.
    Excuse me sir, but what is your absolute favorite out of the "blue colognes"

    Gucci II
    Dark Blue
    Sander Man

    I'm sorry you're feeling down. I am new to the community and have noticed many of your reviews and posts. I for one have found them enlightening and useful.

    I get a kick out of your views.
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