• Rich, I just wanted to thank you for everything. From your contributions to your kind-heartedness. I hope you have found peace my friend.

    - Ryan
    It has the same floral vibe that Issey has but instead of the lemon you have a tea note. In my opinion it's one of the best tea based fragrances that is masculine as most are more unisex. Other comparisons would be to Voyage d'Hermes. Yeah I still wear it and if you like the tea note your going to enjoy it.
    Wow, I happen to stumble upon your review of Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme and it made reference to my exact dilemma. I wear Issey Miyake quite often yet I gotta say that while I'm addicted to its dry down period, I grow tired of the initial lemon blast. I have been looking for an alternative and it sounds like you would recommend Bvlgari PH extreme. Do you still feel this way?
    Thanks again Rich. I received the Pure Malt today ! You were a wonderful guy to deal with.

    Anything else you have to sell, let me know.


    Thanks for the kind words. Took a lot of testing, but I think my nose has seen the light. Keep up your reviews, because I probably have bought at least 5 fragrances from your recommendations.
    Really enjoying your reviews, and growth here on BN. Excellent reviews, kept short, and informational. We have very similar tastes and standards for fragrances. Keep the reviews coming!
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