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  • Hello, Sea Roses,

    How are you? I hope you are well.

    You are in my thoughts

    All the best,

    Hi Sea Roses,

    Thank you for your mail.
    I wrote to you but the message is lost.
    It seems that your inbox is full
    and you can't receive more messages!
    Look how long it's been since I posted here! I just noticed you're not on my official friends list, so let's make that right! :)

    "...Love tennis and a HUGE Nole fan so you can imagine how much I would have loved to have been there!
    Glad you enjoyed Melbourne. Great city......but prefer Sydney!"

    Hi there Sea Roses! I see that you're pretty new here but I can't remember if I welcomed you before I left, so welcome! I didn't want to hijack the sotd thread so I thought I'd come and say "howdy" in person. Thanks for the greeting - it's good to have another tennis fan among us. I like Nolé too (I mean really, who doesn't?) but I'm still holding out hopes that Fed will reclaim his must happen, lol! Lately though I've been paying lots of attention to some of the comers, Dolgopolov in particular. His match against Tomic was one of the best, and highly entertaining!

    Oh, my memories of Sydney '87 include coming down with a case of mononucleosis that lasted for almost 8 months, so my recall is a bit tainted. But I'm happy to stick with Melbourne as long as the Open does, too. :)
    Sea Roses,I'm a wrist-sniffing nutter,too!Have quit caring long ago what people think when they see me in that ridiculous pose!Life is too short to not sniff wrists!Hope you enjoy Basenotes,you'll fit right in!
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