• I noticed you quoted my review of Pino Silvestre. I appreciate your clarification regarding the "Scots Pine" - I didn't know that. However, unless you were addressing my capitalization of the second word in the name, silvestris, my comment stands as true. The Wikipedia article on this particular pine goes on to state that this type of evergreen was commonly used as the Christmas tree here in the states. I wonder if it is used as such in Scotland, too? Cheers.
    Hi Saintpaulia,
    Yep, vanilla is one of my most favourite scents. In fact my quote is actually something one of my co-workers said when I entered the room.
    Wouldn't believe it was a body oil, thought I had eaten marshmallows! LOL
    Cheers to you Breck!
    Hi! Depending on the outside temperature I wear different scents. And I like to mix them in my way.
    Thank you for your message.
    I saw you had Thé Rose Bulgare on your wishlist - you probably already know this, but 30 Roses is selling 30 ml decants that would probably last you a while.
    Saintpaulia - belated welcome to basenotes! Enjoying tracking your journey into all this, makes a nice diary of discovery - enjoy yourself! Cheers.
    I did!

    But my poor husband hurt his hand at work just enough to cause a bit of finger swelling. It did not occur to him to remove his wedding ring until too late; now we're icing and compressing it in the hope that it won't tighten enough to reduce circulation. After 19 years i would be sad to have to cut the ring off. :(
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