• I was recovering from hernia repair surgery. Am back at work now and well on the way to recovery -- was even at Barney's briefly today. Keep me in the loop for the next perfume counter crawl. Hope all is well with you too.
    Rogalal, just checking in to see if you are doing OK. I'm always thinking about you, and hope that circumstances are treating you better than before. My sample buddy and sample mentor! You are a great person (vibes float through the internet, if you hadn't noticed), and I just know that all will work itself out.
    Hi! We don't know each other, but I was just reading some of your Sample of the Day reviews...and I came across your plea for an Eau de Polder sample. They have them now at Lucky Scent. First time I've seen it available in a long time. Just got mine today. It smells just like a Sunday ride (in a convertible with the top down) through quiet farmland on a summer day.
    Rogalal, more great observations. in the sample thread. I love how you sniff all types of scents- from the individual components of scent to the most complex ones. I've also been meaning to comment on your sampling of Yendi. I am one of those people who tracked down and bought a vintage bottle based on glowing reviews for not a huge sum, but I could have bought Chanel or 3 bottles of Ivoire for the same price. The opening is so dang SHARP... so sharp it hurts like a paper cut. I plan to keep a few ml for reference and then hopefully pass it on to one of the cult members- because it is not for me.
    Flying up to SF with Holiday wishes. Keep up your sampling reviews, they are GREAT!

    You're making my mouth water with your latest trip to Jacqueline. I could have spent the whole day there at the meet-up.
    You have been going to town with the samples of the day thread lately! Love your detailed impressions.
    I'm so bad at detail- LOL
    Congrats on your birthday rogalal! :)
    I only noticed it last night- and OMG! I just saw it went for much less than the 250 asking price. It only went for $135!
    Hi Rogalal,

    JaimeB told me you organized a perfume event in SF in August, and I was wondering if you were planning on something like that again soon? I have lurked around Basenotes for a while, and became an official perfume fanatic last year around this time. I collect vintage perfumes and write a blog yesterdaysperfume.typepad.com, and as I told JaimeB, would love to swap perfumes, stories, and just meet other fans! So...hope to talk to you, meet you at some point! Best, Barbara
    Happy Birthday, Allen! I guess we have something more in common: Mine is the day after yours! (Except 35 years earlier...)
    Hey, man, I found your New York trip thread after all... sounds truly awesome. Last couple of times I was back there (my hometown is Brooklyn), it was for family funerals — you know, on compassionate leave, just in and out again. I should really take a sniffathon tour like you did sometime. Anyway, it sounds like you had a kick-ass time! Welcome back, and if nothing else, I'll see you in August.
    Hello! I was reading throught the basenotes forum when I noticed that you were Berkeley! I'm also from berkeley, I graduted from the undergraduated school last year and now work on campus ;0 Anyways, glad to know there are some berkeley folks around here hehe ;)
    Hello Rogalal,

    As you correctly surmised, I am indeed outraged at your distressing experience with the civet-impregnated soap, and offer my sympathies. We live in a benighted, topsy turvy world. For my part, I sampled a DSH perfume called Cafe Noir the other day. I don't actually care for coffee as a drink, though coffee cake is quite nice, and the coffee note didn't trouble me so much as the ample - and entirely gratuitous - dollop of civet in there with it! Now I know the coffee market has proliferated madly in the last decade or two, what with your all these frappes and lattes and mochaccinos and so on, but who had the bright idea to ladle civet in there along with the chocolate sprinkles? I despair....
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