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  • Hello Marc,
    you've probably been asked this question all day, but what the heck happened to all your YouTube videos ?
    I have watched your reviews for a year now and really liked them - so I wonder what the heck happened since they are all gone now ?

    Hope to see you back soon !

    Best regards Claus from Denmark
    Hey Marc, one of your favorite if not thee favorite is LeMale JPG right? Are you going to get that new refillable (I think it's refillable) bottle they are coming out with?
    Hey Marc love your reviews you are awesome. thanks for YouTube reviews inspiring me back into the game. looking forward to the original penguin review as its one I kinda like and am curious what you . keep up the good work !
    hey marc, what would you recommend for daytime winter wear? it seems all of the winter frags i have are better suited for night time i.e. le male, body kouros, john varvatos original, chanel allure homme, rochas man...i need something to fill that void!

    keep up the good work!
    Hey Marc, just wanted to say that I'm an avid follower of your reviews and I appreciate the work you do for the community man. Keep up the awesome work!

    Lookin' forward to the next review :)
    Hi Sir! :)
    I follow you on YouTube and I agree with the lack of longevity of Silver Mountain Water. Ok, I bought it on fragranceNet and this is maybe a couple of years old bottle, but even at Ogilvy I did not saw any difference in longevity. Sad, my skin don't do justice to this master piece.

    Merci de partager ta passion!

    I was on the front page and saw "who's wearing what"... Oh somebody's wearing ck one... Oh my... it's Marc! :D haha! :)
    I have a question for you Robes I own Vegas Playboy also & I think it resembles Paco Rabannes 1 Milllon what do you think?

    thank you!
    Aye priciate ya accepting my request bro,hope you decide to make a comeback man.Stay smellin fly bro-slomo940
    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for accepting my friend request. I'm a relative newbie, but I have enjoyed your reviews very much. I'm sorry that you have suffered so much unpleasantness on their account. :( Hope you are well.
    Your reviews are second to none. Great recommendations and dead on with the notes and overall feel of a fragrance. Still rockin' Rocky Mountain Wood as my signature.
    Just checked out your collection here. Jaw dropping. You weren't kidding when you said: "reviewing One Fragrance at A Time until there is none left to review." ;) I think I might have a couple that you're missing out on tho haha - XX [those are chromosomes; yea my nerdy side is overpowering]
    Hi Marc!

    Just messaging you to see how you're doin!? Have you noticed I've been posting reviews on the daily? I made a commitment to be more present since my disappearance lol hope you're watching them buddy, coz im always on the look out for yours! (
    Looking forward to your reviews soon! When ya comin back?
    awsome youtube reviews. I didn't know you had a basenote account lol i found u becuase i was looking up reviews on adidas moves and it showed people who wore it last and u wore it a week ago.
    Great reviews on Youtube - followed a link someone posted in a Rocky Mountain Wood thread, and ended up watching 5 or 6!! They're a great help for a newbie thinking of going more niche...
    hi marc,
    thank you for having added me. it's an honour.
    best regards
    i love your youtube reviews. thank you!
    I enjoy watching your fragrance review videos on YOUTUBE. thanks!

    Cheers to the NEW YEAR!
    Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.
    Happy Holidays!
    ok so my enthusiasm for Jungle has abated a bit.. still, it is a high quality frag, one of my new favorites and one I'll probably always have on hand.. good longevity and the drydown in particular is nice.

    Conversely, my appreciation of Kenzo PH has only increased. It's more floral than I had thought originally.. what I'd thought smelled like new rubber initially now smells like a more subdued take on Power.. interesting. Longevity could be better, though.
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