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  • Happy birthday, dear Basenotes friend and a sister-nose of very similar tastes! Have a good and a great smelling year! :thumbsup:
    Thank you! :vrolijk_26: I went through a few months - ok, almost a year - of not wanting to talk about fragrance. Partly COVID (messed with my smell and breathing), but also just wanting to only wear fragrance when it suited my emotions and actual desires for particular fragrances. That was made much easier by not talking about fragrance. But in the end, Eau d'Hermès to the rescue. I had to tell people again how great it is! :thumbsup:

    Good to be back! :beer:
    I hadn't thought of Tang when I wore it, but you may be right. Tang had a kind of thickness in the smell, if I recall.
    Thank you!!! And happy birthday to You, too!
    This coincidence doesn't surprise me either - our tastes seem to align pretty well!
    Hi back from Denver! Glad to see another Ma Liberte fan (though I discovered it long after you did!). Your husband has great taste!
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