• Hey mate, I hope that this doesn't seem dodgy at all haha (because I only just made a profile for BN), but yeah, I've seen a couple of your posts and noticed that you're also from AUS. I live on the Gold Coast!

    So yeah, I thought that I'd message you just to see if you wouldn't mind telling me where you usually purchase your frags from? Places like Myer and David Jones are just so expensive, which makes it hard to expand the collection!

    Cheers in advance!


    P.S. I tried messaging you but it says that your inbox is full
    Sir, u have mentioned abt a Chrome cologne which lasted the whole day on ut body during hot summer day's walk in Europe, which chrome was it? Azzaro? or Sport? Thanx
    Thanks very much, I shall indeed give them a call tomorrow.

    I do have a big stash of them -women's ones - which I've been giving out as presents. The Amor de Cacao one hasn't gone down so well, but all the other ones from that range have been big hits both with my cousins in Italy last year, and to relations and friends locally.

    I picked up Penhaligans Castile 50ml bottle plus big shower gel bottle for $65 from DJs today, still expensive, but cheaper than the $139 original price (or $110 for the 50ml bottle alone). I don't know that it's your thing, but they had one left if you want me to try pick it up tomorrow and mail it to you. On the other hand, maybe wait a bit and it will show up in Chatswood for $20!
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