• Hello Profumo.
    I regret the difficulties with my e-mail. Thank you for your patience. I will be home during that entire time period.
    Please send to:
    John Fanning
    402 Riverside Dr
    Bayville NJ 08721

    I am quite interested and I can't wait for receipt.

    Best regards,
    I would like to join your group and how to get fragrance samples, I have a tincture of orcid root "cypridedium acule" or Pink Lady slipper orcid or moccasin flower from 2006 I dried them and macerated it with the 195 proof ETOH the tincture was clear, in 2011 I pulled it from the dark cellar it was a beautifal amber but the sweet narcissus like smell, kind of musky seemed to be overpowered by the ETOH, I would love to send you some and see what you think? Let me know where to send you some of my tinctures if you are interested.
    Where can I buy less than gram authentic Ambergris to tincture that will not break my wallet. also I would like to know where to buy perfume alcohol and alcohol to tincture as the 5 gallon jug Ethanol 195 proof I bought from Aaper Alcohol seems to overpower my tinctures as in my orchid root?
    Cathy Anderson
    You're welcome Profumo. I'd be curious to see what the bloggers have to say as well. I will post my comments on Oud Caravan 3 on the forum as normally done as soon as I get to test the new version. Thanks again for letting us be part of this great project.
    Any chance I can get a free sample of Oud Caravan; I've checked Perfumed Court but I could not find it.
    Hi! I'm just checking in and see some interesting experiments in progress. I'll join in if I have the right materials. I ordered from TPC a few months ago, then was immersed in other things and forgot to check these threads.

    I am new to the site and have been learning about making authentic perfumes. Ran across you in my searches and figured it would be good to connect.

    I understand you sell some ingredients? Where would I find what you have to sell? Also--am I understanding that you do not sell anything synthetic? I am trying to keep my ingredients as REAL as possible.

    Many thanks!
    I just received my perfumers kit that I ordered from your website and I just wanted to extend my sincerest thanks. I'm looking forward to making my perfume with your outstanding quality base perfumes.
    Again, thank you!
    Astrea Ward
    I want to thank you for your fascinating Q&A session on Waftbycarol. It was both enlightening and entertaining.
    Best regards,
    Hello Abdes Salaam!

    I hope this note finds you well Sir. It has been a long time since we've talked. After a nearly TWO year absents from BN, I (SixCats!) am back! I am hoping you might be able to provide me with a little bit of your expertise. Believe it or not, I finally have begun the process to make Beaver Tincture.
    I am now in the process of "hang drying" some nice large Beaver Castors in my Basement. The Basement is cool and I have a DE-humidifier running to control moister. My first question is....how long should it take to dry the Castors ? In other words, HOW dry ? I am also in the process of trying to buy some Perfumers Alcohol. I hope you don't mind my asking questions. I will have several other questions at a later date if that's OK with you. Thank you so much for any help you may offer.

    Tom Patrick aka SixCats!
    Dear Elisa, I shall certainly keep you in mind when we set up a new sampling group. In the meantime the best option for sampling my fragrances is the perfumed court. Of course they do not add free samples as we do, but they are willing to make small vials of samples, which we do not do.
    Dear FisherC, it must be a sign of destiny. I am sorry. However if you refuse (like me) to believe in ill omens, you can easily get it very cheaply from the perfumed court. Otherwise we shall try again next time to break the wall of negativity stopping you from getting the "Tabac".
    Naqshabandi, wa alaikum salaam. I am in Cyprus right now. I am tha last and the worst of the murids, no need to give you details.
    PM me for this request making it detailed, but I always counsel to go to the perfumed court for small samples.
    Hello. Assalamu 'alaykum. Are you also a mureed of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim? Anyway, I want to buy some samples from you. Especially from the "Shaikh's Perfumes" range. Would you deliver to Germany?
    I can spend up to 100 euros on samples incl. delivery. Please message me. Thanks
    Hello, can I get in on this too? I'd like to sample your perfumes, but on your website I see it's for 4 or 5 ml.'s If I want to sample about 8, that's a lot. I can spend 40 dollars on samples although. I think I need your concoctions because some of them sound strong and I like strong scents. You don't have a lily of the valley one from what I see. That scent (has to be strong enough) makes me think clearly and feel organized. Did you see my chickens on my page? I raise layer hens . Ok, just let me know if I can get in on this sampling . Have read all the threads about Mona Lisa and the others. eliza
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