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  • Hi there
    I wasn't sure if my last message went through but i would be keen to join an Aventus split if there is one open.
    Thanks Matt :)
    Well, Havana is a complex mix of many ingredients, look at its note pyramid, it's madness!

    When you smell it you immediately think "this is a complex one". It has an old school vibe being modern at the same time. Citric notes? for sure, but you'll get one of the greatest tobacco scents in the market.

    You can't Bwahahaha! without a solid reason, it's the 11th commandment!
    I was going to suggest buying a 30mL decant but you beat me to it haha. I fancied mine up a bit by photoshopping a 30 instead of 50 on a label I copied from the internet. If you meant the bottle itself too, it came like that from the guy who i purchased it from
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