• Noir...... the scented linger of empty rooms. Walking home, i love darkness, the chill and looming architecture of Edinburgh. I imagine guns and shadows, muffled shots in icy air. Edinburgh is a city of ghosts.

    I love the black shatter of Nasomotto’s Black Afghano.......it makes me want to walk the streets in dark rain with Requiems crashing in my head. Dior's Eau Noire by is a black diamond, polished to glittering sadness by lavender, vanilla and immortelle. I have already posted on this...and Tabac Blond.....sci fi noir....Rachel from Blade Runner with a smoking gun, fur reeking of leather and death. L’Encre Noire is inky death and sensual, earthy like a grave, all the power of vetiver wrapped in smoke and mirrors. I find it so deep, leftover tobacco in a room, traces of lovers in a warm bed.

    Noir is all about traces....ours, his, hers....memories, loss, desire. Only fragrance can roll these things into the night.
    Hello Portzblitz. Thanks for your kind words about my Fracas review. I also mentioned in one of the forums somewhere that I accidentallly dropped my bottle on my tiled bathroom floor. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how powerful that scent has been. It's as if I stalked and killed a wild garden fairy in my bathroom. LOL.
    Cheers to the start of a great friendship!
    hi, htanks for the comment! I look forward to reading your reviews too, take care, Kari
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