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  • Ciao Joel,
    immensely allured by your words, i just cultivate my passion with all my friends here on Basenotes although i'd have to improve my "mangiaspaghetti" english. Hope to read many reviews by you in the future. I wish you good work and thanks again.
    Ugh! Pince Nez! That review was not even a review: I was merely trying to correct some details in other reviews: Since there are so few on this one. I tried to clean it up a bit....but thank you....and have you smelled vintage MONSIEUR de GIVENCHY?
    Dear Pince-Nez,

    Bidding Adieu to 2011, you are cordially invited to a Ball, where, along with much merriment and dancing, a Catharsis will take place. Directions:

    Bal a Versailles, Fragrance Directory

    le MdM
    Thank you, Monsieur Pince-nez! It's nice to know that people take something away from these and that they're not just as much self-indulgent drivel. You should read my thread "The Marriage of Mouchoir de Monsieur" which I'm greatly enjoying lately--a work in progress--I'd love a comment now and then to know you're reading! Thanks again i truly do greatly appreciate the encouragement. -leMdM
    You are welcome mate. You really can't go wrong with Hermes... i'm on a Eau d'Orange Verte phase myself, such a lovely cologne.
    Few non Hermes Ellena's frags are also worth a sniff: Eau d'Hiver, Frederic Malle line, is a real gem, in between Infusion d'Homme and Apres l'Ondee. Have a good day!
    Do you like "En Avion," Pince-nez? Our fellow BN devotee Larimar, who swears by it, sent me a small vial of this and I was moved to distraction by its crepuscular beauty: I even wrote a review. I somehow intuit that you would appreciate this scent: How/why, I can not explain.
    Dear Pince-Nez; I wanted to thank you again for your encouragement and complimentary words concerning my reviews, and to tell you that today I wrote another one--I don't usually write them too often. I wrote "Nuit de Noel" on a Christmas Eve--and so I wrote "Blenheim Bouquet" on the anniversary of September 11th, 2001. It takes me something internal to write a review...I can never predict what that might be: I'm waiting to be in love because I'm sure I know that I shall then write one for Jean Patou's "Amour Amour," one of my absolute favourite perfumes for a woman. For the moment, other things conjure the imagination. have a look. :)
    Oh, but Monsieur Pince-Nez, I wasn't being reactive--I just wanted to know--and I'm very pleased indeed that people actually take the time to read my thought-streams "as reviews." To hop on the thread, before the monitors close it down, (I'm a fireball) go to my profile page, click "Find all started threads" and then just click on "Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed." It's already getting "borderline" and it's only been up for an hour. We'll see how long it takes big brother to shut us up, we brave speakers of truth! WELCOME to the tribe.
    Why, thank you kindly! I just started a thread called: "Incestuous Mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, Immersed" (I had a really fun thread last year that turned into a drawing room drama called "Why Mouchoir de Monsieur?" I have no idea where this one will lead.) You're welcome to join. I attract all the loonies on Basenotes....fair warning. Things get out of line really fast with me--mine is a fearless sect, but "soyez le bienvenu" !!!!! MDM
    Thank you so much for the nice feedback! Also, thanks for befriending me. I hope you enjoy basenotes, and welcome!
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