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  • Same as Drake below - I haven't forgotten to reply you & seal the deal Pelle, just waiting for this mailing bug to get fixed. :D
    Pelle - I get an "Invalid recipient username" when I PM you. Here's my PM:

    Hello Pelle,

    I might be interested if you include the decants. Could you be so kind and send me a picture of the TF IS - either by uploading it here or by e-mail to ?

    Hi Pelle,

    Tried to PM you, but you seem to have exceeded the maximum amount or is it still the bug that seemed to occur a while ago?

    Best wishes
    Hi Pelle,

    If you can send me a empty vial(sorry but I don't have any and as I rarely decant etc never buy them), I will send you a sample of my Caron VP. Far as I can tell this one is 90s???? But even when I bought it the box was faded in places and looked as if it had been in the warehouse quite awhile. I am not sure but I think it was Parfum1 I bought from, its so long ago I cannot be sure.


    Donna Cooper
    42 Flush Park
    BT6 0GE
    Northern Ireland
    There you are Mr Pol :D

    Do you know who's selling those two Creeds at Blocket? I'm waiting for an answer from the seller 'cause I want them!
    :birthdays:Birthday wishes to you, Pelle. Hope your special day will be fabulous and fragrant! :birthdays:
    My pleasure, pelle! But please bear with me, I'd just ordered some glass vials and it should take around 10 days to reach me. The minute I recieved them, I'll decant for you.

    Please let me have your address.
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