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  • i am having trouble ...lets say it's...oh uhhh my computer , heavy sigh .
    i have tried to private message you and i don't think something is right ( it's this damn computer ) and you have probably gotten all the pm's i have sent and now i look like idiot or B. some kind of weird scent staker , or C.both , so i trying to send a message from here . the problem is when i send a message i get a notification that says an error has occurred , so i am left in limbo , sorry to bother you but if you get this one please when you get time ( i know you're busy ) let me know if this gets thru , palerider.

    Hi palerider,
    If you look to the right hand corner of your "Private Message page" page and see "Reply to private message" press that, write what you need and then press "Submit Message" If that doesn't work, visit My page and Leave a message again.
    This BN site is not as intuitive as others.
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