• Hi there pal :cheesy:
    What's up?
    Sorry for delay.
    Well, actually there is nothing new in my collection!
    Because of stupid dollar exchange I don't dare to buy any fragrance!
    What about you? anything new in your wardrobe?
    Thank you so much dude :)
    I really appreciate that.
    Yeah, I'm sure this way will be much better! interesting idea ;)
    I will let you know when I got my package.

    Thanks again
    Thanks a lot man, you get me excited about cuir maresque!! :grin:
    I can't wait to sniff this sucker! :2vrolijk_08:
    Hi Omid.
    How are you? Is everything alright there?
    Did you get my E-Mail?
    If you want decant of my Amouage or other fragrances, let me know. I can send them for you as well :)
    Thanks for the info Omid :)
    Well, I read a lot of good things about Dior's Leather Oud, it's not available here but I need to go and check it out in Dubai!
    So what make you disappointed of Leather Oud? what's wrong with it?!
    Tuscan Leather as you said is a great fragrance. I love it.
    And about a Jubilation 25!
    It's a great fragrance with high quality and so pleasant smell but for the price ...... emmmmm, no, It doesn't worth to be honest with you!
    A sweet fruity fragrance with lots of spice and some woodsy notes. it's a very high quality fruity scent which is really upper class in that type of fragrances but there is nothing really unique or groundbreaking about it ;)
    If you had a chance to test Tom Ford Amber Absolute and Bois Maricain, please let me know your opinion about them.
    Thanks man :)

    Kosh bashi refigh

    Hey there dear Omid :)
    How are you my friend? Is everything all right?
    What's up? Any new wardrobe members?!
    I bought several niche and add them to my collection.
    Two Amouage and one Tom Ford prom Private Blend line :)

    Cya my friend.
    chakerim :)

    Hi Omid.
    boooooooooooooooommmm! :d
    dara ra ra ra, dara ra ra ra, ........ :))
    Happy new year my friend :)
    Wish the best for you and your family in new year :)
    Have fun ....
    Hi my friend, how are you?
    I'm living in Shiraz.
    Me too, I like to spend more time on fragrances but unfortunately can't do so anymore.
    Where are you now? & what are your best favorites?
    Chakerim Omid jan :)
    Thanks for your great reply my friend.
    Well, actually my taste of fragrance changes time to time!
    Sometimes I like sweet fragrances, sometimes dark ....
    Now I'm on strange, bitter, dark and smoky mood!
    Fragrances with huge dose of cedar, incense, vetiver, bitter orange, black pepper and without sweetness are my favorites right now. fragrances that really challenge your nose!
    Terre D'Hermes both EDT and Perfume, parfums de marley shagya, lalique encre noir, He wood rocky mountain wood, are my rock stars right now.
    Thanks for your kindness dear Omid, but shipment to IRAN is really hard or even impossible and I can't pay for your samples and decants because I don't have credit card :(
    Thanks again.
    Mokhlesim :)
    Hi, glad to see you here patriot! I'm Iranian too & accidentally a Medical Student till 3 years ago!
    waiting to hear from you more and will be happy if occurs...
    Nice :D
    I like that type of smell too! I mean "Otagh Zire Shirvuni" ;)
    Unfortunately the only niche brands available in Iran are "Creed" and "Tom Ford"
    You can rarely find fragrances from other niche brands here :(
    I've searched everywhere for niche brands like Bond No9, Serge Lutens, Heeley, Amouage ..... but I didn't find them.
    Thanks dear Omid :)
    I'm fine. thanks :)
    I bought several bottles.
    "Cartier Roadster" which is a mint based fragrance. I like it.
    "Escada Magnetism for Men" Smell like Coca-Cola! as a big fan of cola based drinks, I like this shit! It's synthetic at the start but when it drys down become much better.
    "Dior Homme Intense". Unfortunately it's the reformulation bottle! :( I like the iris note it the vintage version but it's tuned down so much in the reformulation! But still it's a great fragrance.
    what about you?
    No. we are much closer to Tehran.
    I live in a city that called Varamin! :d
    It's around 35km far from Tehran.
    Hi Omid. what's up dude?
    One of the Administrators also sent me a message and said we should post in English only.
    I live in Tehran. actually in a small city near Tehran and my name is Mostafa :)
    atr baz tu iran hast amma hamuntor ke gofti kam hastan!
    bazi vaghta tu iran ekhtelafe gheymat atr ha ba bazar jahani kheyli ziade!
    aadam saresh gij mire vaghti gheymato mibine!
    irane dige!:))
    Hi there omid.
    Are you Iranian?!
    If you are so ... salam
    mamnoon babate add kardan. kheyli khoshhal shodam ;)
    chakerim :)
    Your inbox is full

    I just mailed the 154 cologne.

    The tracking number is: 0311 0240 0002 3713 4409
    Dear Omid,
    Your Rose 31 went out this morning via registered mail, RA823249362TW, should be there in about 7-10 days.

    Thanks! I thrive to be as thorough as possible on my reviews.. I've slowed down lately reviewing stuff. But I'll be back at it soon. :)
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