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  • Mr. Oproust,
    As already alluded, your Charleston comment aroused my interest in your comments (quite apart from their intrinsic olfactory worth), but when you mentioned a love of leatherbound books, I was delighted in no small measure, having just received an 1888 set of Carlyle's works bound in 3/4 or so in calf from McConnell's in England.
    Sir,would it be an imposition to ask for a ranked list of your twelve favorites ? I have ordered a copy of Turin & Sanchez' Guide, but can discern that your choices would be invaluable. I am rather frugal, and am afraid that I have already wasted funds due to haste and ignorance.
    Thank you, Oproust, for your review of Devin. Your comments struck me as knowledgeable and authoritative, especially the one about a Charleston morning ! I eagerly look forward to reading your other insights.
    Hello Dear,
    Pleased to be your friend and to follow your qualified work on Basenotes, really honored by your compliments. Hugs.*
    Hello Oproust,

    thanks for your visitor message, I really appreciate your words.

    A wonderful holiday season from me too and tanks for being here on BN.
    I've never been the kind to wear the same fragrance day after day; maybe I'm not the holy grail type.

    Thank you for the compliment and have an excellent holiday. Funny you should mention the frozen tundra - today was the first day since February that I required a sweater. Thank goodness I have only three weeks left here in Mexico: 45 - 50 degrees F is too cold when there is no heat in the house... I'm getting too old for that.

    Take care.

    Hello Oproust,
    I still enjoy JHL but it has been replaced by Dunhill 34, DK Men, Myrrhe Ardente, Messe du Minuit, and some others as my go-to scent(s). I have developed about the same reaction to JHL as you just mentioned. There are times I look at the bottle and say "Oh no... not today." Then I choose one of my others. Of course there are a few days that JHL is just what I want, but those days are getting fewer. I guess we all change.

    Maybe I should tone down my review a little.

    My first reaction to JHL came through Cinnabar. I liked Cinnabar but it was too much for me and when I heard that JHL was similar, I tried it and thought it was easier for me to take than cinnabar. I guess I was excited about it because I didn't get that oily heaviness with it that I got with Cinnabar. And it took me about a half year to start moving away from it.

    Apologies for the very late reply Oproust, I was in France with work and forgot to reply when I returned home. I am indeed a Packers fan although i'm based in the UK so I don't get to watch much NFL if i'm being honest, it tends to be on quite late here on a Sunday evening. I was delighted we won the Superbowl though with a less than full strength squad taking into account the injuries we had! Who do you support yourself in the NFL?
    Hello Oproust. Thank you for the note about coniferous scents.
    My top recommendation would be the hard-to-find Cypres-Musc by Creed. That is outstanding. The cypress note is beautiful.
    Another hard-to-find one is Olibanum by Profumum. The frankincense note is beautiful and has a green, resinous and coniferous aspect.
    Finally, 4 Voleurs which is a discontinued scent by L'Occitane en Provence is a smoother and deeper version of Pino.
    With Fou D'Absinthe and Epicea and of course Pino you have some good choices.
    Best to you, ody
    Hello Foetidus,

    Thank you for your thoughts on the Havana relaunch. Very much appreciated. With regard to Rememberance, I too struggled with that tangled, beautiful mess. I managed to finish Swann's Way and I made it halfway through Within a Budding Grove. So I guess I made it through the top notes and staggered into the mid-notes. Those Proustian base notes are still lingering out there...

    All the best,

    So you can take of this what you will. If leather is not a concern for you, than I would say that the reissue is pretty much the same. My sensitivity to whatever modern chemical they pass off as leather turns me off to the reissue of Havana. I have packed away my reissued bottle, and simpl don't wear it anymore.

    I agree with your opinion of reformulations. I just can't believe a corporate business would say, "Now that we have NAME RECOGNITION, why don't we spend MORE money making the product better, because they will buy it anyway."

    Good luck and welcome to Basenotes.

    My original experience with Havana was not with Havana but with Havana Reserva which I wore in the late '90s. When I first tested the reissued Havana, I tested it against my sample of the original Havana and I thought the samples were quite similar. But in wearing the reissued one, I found that it became a bit annoying to me, and I realized that it performed more like Montana Pour Homme (red) rather than like my expectations of what Havana should be. I think I had problems with the leather note in the reissue. (I have problems with many but not all leather notes) I had never experienced a problem with Reserva in relation to the leather. Since I never really wore the original Havana, I can't swear either way about the reissue. But I have had experience with reissues of many leather containing fragrances: I can enjoy the leather notes in the originals but not in the reissues.
    Hello, Oproust (Interesting name. I tried several times but I could never get through more than thirty pages of Remembrance...),

    Well, I may have achieved irony, but I hadn't aimed for it. The name was simply serendipitous - when I joined Basenotes my only intention was to find out why Kouros and Body Kouros smelled so different from one another. My site name was supposed to be short lived, and it was related to my at-one-time fascination with Symplocarpus foetidus, the common skunk cabbage which has the distinction of surviving by creating its own heat in the late winter and thereby beating its competition to those elements that support and engender life...

    Okay, there IS some irony involved; nevertheless, I was stuck with the name.
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