• What do you think of the following fragrances (how'd you rate them on a 1-5 star scale)?

    Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron (1997)
    Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels (1989)
    Halston Z-14 by Halston (1976)
    Stetson by Stetson (1981)
    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982)
    Derby by Guerlain (1985)
    Vetiver by Guerlain (1961)
    Aramis 900 by Aramis (1973)
    Équipage by Hermès (1970)
    Habit Rouge by Guerlain (1965)

    My avatar is one I have used for absolutely years. It goes back to a football forum I used to belong to in England. I was one of the Mods on the forum and was known for being strict with idiots on the board trolling. These trolls were know as "numptys" and I became known as the "DEATH of Numptys" an allusion to DEATH in the Terry Pratchett books. I adopted the avatar as a tongue-in-cheek reference to that and I've been using it ever since...

    Hi, it's an ouroboros. My avatar, that is. :)

    Take Care
    Hi-Yes, Just got it last week. Thanks for asking.
    I cannot find much difference between this and the regular Andy Warhol Pour Homme.
    I think I may have been duped by the marketing as the bottle is different-that's it. The scent does appear to be a little lighter but that could just be my imagination. I hope this helps.
    Hi again, in your past note you said,
    "Herbissimo, it's getting harder to find it, which one would you recommend as being "greener" and masculine."
    I know, I found it very hard to find the Herbissimo line. I have Mejorana/Marjoram and Enebro/Juniper. They are amazingly good for budget fragrances. The one that is similar both in terms of quality and price is definitely Pino Silvester. I am sure you'd like that. It is very green and very masculine. And it should easily be available.
    Hi there, thanks for the note. I've been away for a while. I'll give some thought to it.
    As far as Gucci Nobile goes, I haven't had a chance to compare it to the knock-off. It is hard to sample that knock-off, and with my little stash of GN I am content. I wouldn't purchase the other brand blind. So I can't comment. But I'd hazard a guess that GN is old-school, powerful, has great longevity. I can't imagine that the imitation would have the depth. Just speculating...
    You are added to the Hermessences list but your private messages box is full-- that's why you can't send me a message with your address which I still need soon. ("sent" messages count in your total messages allowed.)

    Here is what to do: Go to your inbox (or your "sent" box.) I usually start with the least recent page-- click to bring up that page of messages. On the right side, check at the top so you've checked all the messages. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says, "selected messages" and click on it to drop down the menu. I usually "download as text" to my computer. Then delete the messages. This will give you more message space right away; later go through your messages and choose which to delete and which to download..
    funny u should ask (about the vit b injections) pernicious anemia runs in my family...why? any experience with that and sense of smell??
    Hi, you sent a note asking about H pour Homme Fougere Royale. You said that your bottle does not have the words "H pour Homme" on it, but that it does have Fougere Royale on it.

    My bottle is large, 250 cc. The front and back are rectangular, the sides are triangular, creating a six-sided shape. The bottle top is tan with black edges. The words H pour Homme are on the front, and then further down it says Eau de Cologne 90 degrees, Fougere Royale Houbigant Paris.

    Is your bottle the same shape? It is odd that it doesn't say H pour Homme on it.

    No... No new thoughts on it. I still like it and wear it every once in a while. It's very sixish.

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